Did anyone else see that the next Young Justice episode was temporarily labeled as coming out in 6 days? Was that a glitch? Or am I imagining things???

I was re-watching some of Outsiders this morning, and I saw that some of the locked episodes were labeled as coming out in six days. I was surprised and got all excited, figured I must have misunderstood and that the eps were coming out in June instead of July, but I just went back to check, and now it’s switched back to coming soon??

Like, I know episode 14 is supposed to come out in July, but seriously, did anyone else see that ‘coming in 6 days’ flag on it? I’m sure I did, but now I’m starting to think I’m imagining things. Maybe there was some sort of glitch?? IDK.

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Hi @artemisia, our system maintenance may have caused a temporary error, but Young Justice: Outsiders is indeed scheduled to return on July 2nd. Sorry for any confusion this caused.


Thank you for clearing that up, @Harleys Puddin!