Did anyone else really enjoy Tony Hale’s Joker in Batman Ninja?

I really enjoyed the movie a lot because of how it played up Anime tropes as opposed to Batman ones. But what really stood out to me was The Joker, Tony Hale did a great job.


Not really, He was one of my least favorite things about that film. He wasn’t completly terrible but just didn’t stand out much to me as the Joker in character or voice

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I think he worked really well for what the movie was doing. A lot of the hate I read for the movie sounds like people complaining about it not working as a Batman movie. To me it doesn’t seem like their intention was to be a Batman movie, the whole point was to be more of an anime. And in that sense i think he does a great job.

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You’re not alone I actually thought he was pretty good.

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Considering the original Japanese script was bare bones and they had to add so much more dialogue for the English version, I think he did fine. He’s not on the level of Mark Hamill or even Troy Baker, but he did a decent job.