Did anybody else notice there was no visible gunshots to Wally?

Did anybody notice there’s no apparent gunshots to Wally west in hero’s in crisis? Like go look not a single one and all the vital parts of his body is shown, but not a single wound. In the story there were all killed in a mass shooting so… this leaves the question is Wally west really dead?

Also from the cover I deduct someone else is gonna die…

Maybe they just forgot to draw the bullet a holes :joy: side note I have no idea XD

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Ignore the “a” before Holes

True just saying could be they forgot or it could be Wally is still gonna be alive. Because he was suppose to be the whole reason behind rebirth starting fresh with happiness, love, and hope. And it just seems dumb to kill off your front man for this adaptation. Maybe there saying this is an end to the rebirth who knows. But I just like to investigate.

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