Did 2002 Spider-man Pay Tributes To DC Heroes?

It’s interesting to point out that one of my favorite Marvel film Spider-man (2002) pay Tributes to couple of our favorite heroes. I think it start’s with Peter on a roof trying to work his web for the first time, he said," Go web! Fly, Up up and away web! Shazam, go, go,go web go!" Two reference from two DC heroes, Superman and Captain Marvel!
In the movie there a few more references to Superman, like when Peter run in action rip open his shirt like the 1978 Superman movie where Clark run in action and rip open his shirt. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been joking for years that if Marvel’s Netflix shows are supposed to take place in the same universe as the MCU, even though they barely reference each other, then Spider-Man (2002) takes place in the DC universe, because it directly references DC even more so than Marvel’s own TV series reference Marvel’s movies.


@Reaganfan, I don’t know if Shazam was a purposeful reference (I’ve not heard Raimi or others comment on it) but Raimi did confirm that Peter tearing open his shirt is in fact a reference to Superman: The Movie.

I wonder if WB could get Raimi onboard a DC project…


Oh that would be sweet. You get Raimi and you get Bruce Campbell. #brucecampbellforalldcrollsever!


Bruce Campbell needs to return to DC. He guest starred on Lois & Clark.

Ash + DC= pure joy.

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