dick grayson itereation of teen titans comics?

what series should i read ?

Dick Grayson appears in two versions of Teen Titans.

All the following can be found in our library.

Beginning in 1966, he was a member of Teen Titans, which ages badly because of Teen dialogue done by fifty year old men.

Titans Hunt, in 2015, reintroduces all the members of that team. Grayson goes back to being Nightwing, after being a spy in Grayson Series. They are adults, not teens.

Titans Rebirth 2016 put that team back into continuity. Grayson was injured and replaced, and the book is cancelled in April, 2019.

The New Team Titans began in 1980. Dick is a member but not the star of the title. The best work on him and Donna Troy is issue 38, Who is Donna Troy. He resigned in issue 39, and becomes Nightwing in issue 44, toward the end of Judas Contract, their most famous arc.