Dick Grayson Fan Club


Are you a fan of Dick Grayson? If so, you’re in the right place! In this club, we focus on the original Robin and his journey from the circus to the fun hero we all love today! We’ll dive into his comic history, watch his appearances in movies and TV, and just discuss his character and why we love him so much! We’ll be meeting biweekly to discuss the latest topic.

You can join by clicking this link here.

Have questions? Feel free to contact @Nightroia or @EverAJ.

Optional Introduction:

When were you first introduced to Dick?
What’s your favorite Grayson moment/story (can be in comics or movies/tv)?
Barbara or Kory? Someone else? Or do you prefer him alone?

Feel free to answer some, all, or none of the questions! We’re here to have fun!


My first introduction to Nightwing was the Nightwing rebirth comics and young justice on tv


When were you first introduced to Dick?
Honestly, I can’t really remember not knowing Batman and Robin… I think my earliest memories are of the 60s tv show reruns because I knew the main characters going into BTAS.

What’s your favorite Grayson moment/story (can be in comics or movies/tv)?
Birds of Prey (1998) 8 is my favorite issue. Chuck Dixon is probably my favorite Nightwing writer. I also love Dick and Damian’s relationship, so Nightwing (2016) 42 was a lot of fun for me. I also really enjoyed Bruce’s thoughts on Dick as Nightwing in Hush (also amazing art!) and Dick as Batman after Bruce came ‘back from the dead.’ For animation, my favorite arc is probably Robin’s Reckoning (BTAS).

Barbara or Kory? Someone else? Or do you prefer him alone?
Babs! I just think they fit so well. Both grew in their own, yet similar (team leaders, mentors, serious relationships, two Year One stories), ways before really coming together romantically (although there was definitely flirting in the early years!).

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I was first introduced to him as robin when I was 1 (23 now). My best friend and I were given pajamas, he got Batman, I got robin. I’ve been a fan ever since. But I really started getting into Dick when I was in high school. But due to money, I didn’t really get to read any comics till after high school.

A favorite moment is hard to pick out. I’m don’t remember which series it’s from, but I really liked the conversation/ art work when Superman gives him the idea for nightwing.

I’m gay, so my favorite pairing is Wally​:eyes: Their dynamic in YJ is just really good, and I feel the show could have smoothly and easily taken them in that direction. But other than Wally, I also liked Shawn Tsang.


My introduction must have been Batman 66 reruns on The Family Channel, because I remember being antsy for him to finally show up on BTAS.

My favorite moment is probably his internal monologue at the end of Nightwing Rebirth #1, explaining what the name means. After a couple New 52 series that just weren’t for me, that was the moment I knew I was back in on that book.

Kory. I remember being taken by surprise at him flirting with Barbara in Sub-Zero, but shipping him and Kory in the Teen Titans animated series. I guess I like the study in contrasts.

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My first introduction to Dick Grayson was actually in New Teen Titans. I knew of him from Batman and Detective Comics, but my introduction to him as a character was really as Nightwing. I liked his run in Grayson as well.

My favorite moment is when he was talking to all the important people in his life in his Grayson run in Grayson #12. He had returned to Gotham to talk to all the people that meant something to him and was talking in code as well. I loved how confident he was in Grayson. It really solidified him as a character for me.

Barbara is always a soft spot for me when it comes to her relationship with Dick Grayson. They are a fantastic team to me. I think they really work well off of each other.


When were you first introduced to Dick?
Watching Batman: The Animated Series on Cartoon Network back in the day.

What’s your favorite Grayson moment/story (can be in comics or movies/tv)?
Grayson getting his new outfit in Titans

Barbara or Kory? Someone else? Or do you prefer him alone?

I might be in the minority, but I preferred Grayson and Zatanna from Young Justice.


When were you first introduced to Dick?

  • Probably with reruns of the Batman 66 show. Or Batman Animated. One of the two. I can’t really remember not knowing about Dick Grayson.

What’s your favorite Grayson moment/story (can be in comics or movies/tv)?
-I’m a big fan of Black Mirror as a story. I like the moments in Hush when he and Bats are in the Batmobile together talking about Selina. I find the arc of his departure to Blüdhaven and becoming a cop really fascinating in context with his upbringing through Bruce. And any time he spends with Damian.

Barbara or Kory? Someone else? Or do you prefer him alone?

  • Babs. All the way. Or by himself. Really as long as he’s happy that’s what’s important. Not a fan of him with Kory in the comics, but I do think that they’re good together in the Titans show.

I didn’t really know that clubs were a thing on here, but I discovered this and Dick Grayson is my favourite superhero, so I had to join in!


I as first introduced to the dear Mr. Grayson when I was little. I was fond of Batman: The Animated Series, and though it was an older version of Dick I first met, I really do love Dick at any stage in his life, even if he has issues. (With the exclusion of ahem Ric.)
I don’t really have a favorite story of his, though I did enjoy him all through YJ.
As for who I ship him with, it’s Babs, hands down. I won’t even play, I’m a Dickbabs girl. I could go into it but I don’t want to be here all day. The basics are; it’s a love of equals, connections, childhood teammates/friends, the banter™️, and the fact that they even each other out. I can’t go into detail or I’ll start gushing.

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when I was first introduced to Dick it was from the original Teen Titan cartoons
my favorite Grayson moment was at any moment he snapped at others during his time as Batman and he more or less goes “I did not /want/ this please dear god someone just find Bruce’s body so I can resurrect him so he can take it back”
i prefer him with Barbra out of all of his love interests

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when i was younger i was first introduce to Dick Grayson on Batman the Animated Series, and young justice


1. When were you introduced to Dick Grayson.
I was first introduced to Dick on Batman TAS. - Really introduced.
Young Justice was next.
I’d been introduced as a side kick name through much of DCdom.
2. Favorite moment
His life has been filled with so much tragedy. My fave scene is on “The Batman” animated series. The scene after his parents die, and Bruce Wayne approaches him to give him a new home. That’s my favorite scene; A new home.
3. Batgirl or Kory. Cartoons it is Kory. Titans (2018) the (mature) tv show… Dove. Though Donna Troy is a close second.

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  1. Off the top of my head, when I first started getting Batman collections at the library (weird Silver Age Batman archives/Showcase Presents/etc) or The Batman.
  2. I can’t think of a stand-out scene at the moment, but most likely something funny and genuinely heroic.
  3. I don’t ship characters. I do want to see more of Pigeon from DC Rebirth, but just in a general sense.
  1. The Teen Titans animated TV show.
  2. My favorite moments usually stem from when he transitions from Robin to Nightwing (or similarly, from Robin/Nightwing to Batman).
  3. I’m a fan of him with Koriand’r since that was the prevailing “ship” in the media that I first saw Dick Grayson in. :ttns_gif_starfire:

My first introduction to Dick was when my dad gave me the New Teen Titans series that he bought when it first came out in the 1980s! Then I got more interested in him as I watched Young Justice.

It’s hard to pick a favorite but comic wise I would have to say his solo series ranging from 2011-2014 I feel that every moment in there was a good one. TV wise it would have to be The Son of Batman where Dick first meets Damian.

I’m team Barbara all the way, I feel that they connect on a deeper level (being apart of the batman family and all) then him and Kory.

  1. Introduced to Dick/Nightwing via Batman: The Animated Series

  2. I have so many favorite moments. However I will mention JLA: Obsidian Age as I’m sure it’s gonna be a deep-cut/uncommon mention. I love that moment when everyone has been chosen and Bruce’s recording talks about how he only had one person he trusted to lead the Justice League and it’s Nightwing.

  3. Anybody but Babs. I prefer a non-Babs/non-Kory fellow hero pairing but I can tolerate Kory if I HAD to pick between the two.