Dick Grayson Fan Club: Grayson (2014) #12-20, Annual #2-3: September 1 - 30

What’s up, @DickGraysonClub Spyral spies! This month, we will be finishing up Grayson (2014) by reading Grayson #12-20 and Grayson Annual #2-3!
For issue #12:

For the first time since he faked his own death, Dick Grayson returns home to Gotham City. But will Spyral ever really let him go for good? When Dick comes home to find that the Batman he knew is gone, he seeks out his mentor, Superman. But both friends have changed since they last met. Can they find common ground and team up to stop Blockbuster’s plans for Spyral?

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Discussion Questions:

None for this month! As always, discuss whatever you want about Grayson!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me (@Nightroia) or @A1waysAJ


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Issue 12 is by far my favorite issue of the series. I loved this entire run. It just made me enjoy Dick Grayson even more. I think the series ended well even with the change of writers. Annual 2 is a great Superman and Dick Grayson story.


FWIW - it’s 2020, any thought to changing it to Rick Grayson or Richard? Tough to believe a teenager would opt to be called Dick these days.