Dick Grayson Fan Club (DGFC) - BTAS Watch-Alongs: Grayson's Journey

Welcome back #TeamNightwing! We’ve been FED this past month huh? Not only did we feast for Thanksgiving but we were stuffed like that turkey with Grayson content: Teen Titans, Death Metal, Batman like 100 or something - whichever issue that happened this month, of course Nightwing 76, and the coming Furture State! WE​:clap:t2: ARE​:clap:t2: GETTING​:clap:t2: FED​:clap:t2: PEOPLE​:clap:t2:! We here in the DGFC love to see it.
Now, continuing our return of Dick Grayson celebration - DOWN WITH THE BLOODY RED RIC! - we will be doing our very first watch-along. @Nightroia and I have wanted to do one for awhile but just couldn’t make it work. This is our first one at the DGFC so hopefully this goes well :grimacing::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:. Now that everything Movies & TV are moving to HBOMax next month we thought it would be the perfect time to do this and say goodbye to the DCU app as we have come to know it. They’re moving on to a bigger and better place :cry::cry::sob:. So clear your schedules, grab your snacks, pop the corn, and get comfy cuz starting Dec 2 at 7 pm EST our Batman The Animated Series watch-along starts where for 2 nights at a time we will watch an episode before having a break night! Here is the schedule:

Dec 2, 2020: “Fear of Victory”
Dec 3, 2020: “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?”

Dec 5, 2020: “Robin’s Reckoning PT 1”
Dec 6, 2020: “PT 2”

Dec 8, 2020: Shadow of the Bat PT 1"
Dec 9, 2020: “PT 2”

Dec 11, 2020: “The Mechanic”
Dec 12, 2020: “House & Garden”

Dec 14, 2020: “Harleyquinnade”
Dec 15, 2020: “Time Out of Joint”

Dec 17, 2020: “Bane”
Dec 18, 2020: “The Lion and the Unicorn”

Dec 20, 2020: “Deep Freeze”
Dec 21, 2020: “Batgirl Returns”

Dec 23, 2020: “You Scratch My Back”
Dec 24, 2020: “Joker’s Millions”

Dec 26, 2020: “One the Edge”
Dec 27, 2020: “Animal Act”

Dec 29, 2020: “Old Wounds”
Dec 30, 2020: “Chemistry”

If you miss any of the viewings feel free to watch at your own convenience and join in the discussion in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you. Any questions please contact @Nightroia or myself (@A1waysAJ).


Awesome! Though you are missing a few, like “Christmas With The Joker.” “I Am The Night,” and “The Demon’s Quest” Parts I/II.

Even with that, when you put it in like that, there’s actually a lot less Robin/Nightwing appearances than I remember.

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I’ll admit I took couple out to add in break nights so people could catch up if they couldn’t make it. And there’s a handful of episodes where he appears in the Batcave or something for like a minute but nothing the rest of the episode. I took those out too. All the one’s you’ve mentioned being in at least 1 of those categories. So that’s probably why it’s a lot less than you remember.


That’s fair. Either way, I won’t be able to make all of them because work is deciding to fiddle with my schedule all month, but I’ll try to be there for what I can. :smiley:


Kinda figured that would be a lot of people this month. That’s why it’s just one episode a night with break nights to catch up and still join in the discussion if you so choose.

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Oh wow! Excited for the watch alongs! 7 pm might be a little tricky but I’ll try to join in when I can! Looking forward :smiley:


Were you planning to have the watchalong in this thread, or am I missing something?

I totally was and then the Internet at my house went out. Now I don’t know what to do… :weary::grimacing::grimacing:

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There’s always tomorrow…

We’re having a Superman watch-along at the moment. The first episode is almost over, so you could jump in with the second one if you’d like.

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That’s probably the best idea. Tomorrow. Here. Take 2.


30 minutes until watch along Fear Of Victory.

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15 minutes this is not a drill I REPEAT THIS NOT A DRILL :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light: BEEDOW BEEDOW BEEDOW BEEDOW!!!

Do you have an @ tag for your club?

Yeah it’s #dgfc​:peach: (I meant it as a joke but the admins kinda ran with it and it was funny at first so I went with it and now the butt jokes kinda annoy me :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::joy:) why am I doing something wrong cuz I’ll admit I have no idea what I’m doing. I just saw how other clubs did theirs and it seemed simple enough.

Well, I hosted a series of watch-alongs for the DC Animated Club one month. To direct the members to the topic, I’d type @ DCAnimatedClub (without the space).

Fear of Victory link for anyone joining:

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Wait… how’d you do that???

How did I do what?

The link

I just copied the URL from the address bar in my browser.

Ohhhhhh… :joy::joy::joy: brain fart