Detective Comics

I want to start reading detective comics. Are there any suggestions about where I should start?

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Considering it is well over 1000 issues now, you should start with Tynion’s run on DC Rebirth which starts at issue 934 I believe.


Alright. Thank you


I would read the so-called “Strange Apparitions” run from 471 to 476. Also, if you haven’t read the early Golden Age stuff, definitely check it out!


Detective 27 first Batman

Detective 38 First Robin

1979 Detective Comics 471 to 476 Steve Engleheart and Marshall Rogers

Detective 2016 by Tynion


Thank you guys. I will try them out

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Ooh, I heard Engleheart had some pretty juicy stuff. I personally missed out on a lot of classic Batman runs. O’Neil/Adams, Engleheart/Rogers…I’ll have to correct that one day.


If I wanted to jump in on the current ones, would Tomasi’s run be a good place?

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I prefer Tynoon

Tomasi run is hit and miss
I don’t remembee story an hour aftwr reading
His Superman is very good
Only a little Tomasi in.library now.

Besides Tynion run is complete
Tomasi just starting

The first arc is self explaining

It is a Bat Family comic

Tim Drake
Stefanie Brown
Cassendra Caon


Hard to miss on Detective Comics. There all pretty great. As far as a starting point that is. If just story wise. A very underrated quick storyline that’s deep enough you could push thru to catch up for 1,000 is Made of Wood. Detective Comics #785-#787. Bonus story Tales of Gotham the Dogcatcher is included in the end of each issue.

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Is Tomasi’s run pretty bad

Not bad at all

Just extremely forgettable

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I had to look at the issues he wrote and kind of agree with @TurokSonOfStone1950 . I forgot most of the arcs already lol. He does introduce a new rogue for Batman in issue 1000. Was kind of cool-ish.


Hete is a link.for best Batman comic which includes many Detective stories including

Night of the Stalker
To Jill a Legend
There is no Hope in Crime Alley