Detective Comics Before Batman

Who else thinks the Detective Comics Before Batman Slipcase Omnibus Set could revolutionize Omnibus collections? I believe it can because if more comic book readers purchase this omnibus collection, then DC Comics may release more Omnibuses with full comic book issues instead of stories only relevant to a particular character. For instance, instead of World’s Finest #7 being reprinted three times (so far) for Batman, Superman, and Green Arrow, there is a World’s Finest Omnibus that collects World’s Finest issues 1-13 with all stories.


Unfortunately the people who care about these early issues aren’t enough to make it worthwhile. Don’t forget DC is not a charity. They are in business to make money and there probably would not be enough of a return for them to publish it.

Personally I would like to see it.


That’s the whole point of these threads though. If enough users respond to this thread in a proportionate time allowing those who do not scroll through threads to periodically see this thread, it may lead to those who want there to be more Omnibus collections like this to have their voice heard which may reach DC Comics. Then, more Omnibus collections like this may be made. Plus, there is still about 7 months before it is released, so when it is, the profit may impact future Omnibus printings.

I also looked up the release date to make sure I had the right month, but it is released in March, not May, making the release date about 5 months away, not 7.

Remember the Chronicles series? Republished the silver age stories in chronological order…yea they didnt sell. Only batman, Superman and Green lantern got past volume 4. Maybe wonder woman?

That is because the omnibus version was released. And I believe comic book fans preferred that method over chronicles.

Sad, sad day. Tragic day.

For some time, I have watched over Amazon’s webpage where the omnibus was to be sold, only to find out there have been no copies available for purchase. At the time, I thought it was a good thing, because that meant demand exceeded supply, and more omnibuses would be made.

Well, today, I decided to see what other sellers might say about the Detective Comics Omnibus, only to discover that the DC Comics publisher of this omnibus decided to stop making them.

This thread and, more specifically, post may be ignored, but if there is a chance for others to share their disappointment or learn of a lost potential, then maybe… just hopefully, a rekindling of this idea of an omnibus will be able to reach beyond the scopes of digitalization and enter the steadiness of tangibility.

If not, then that is… acceptable.
Sad, sad day. Tragic day.

Wait!?! They are going to stop producing all DC omnibus?!?

Oh wait nvm, I read your post wrong. That sucks, I’d love to have pre-Batman omnibus in my collection.

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I think the reason the chronicles series didn’t last is that they were just too short. Each issue as I recall had only about a year’s worth of continuity. The larger omnibus format works better or (for silver age) the b&w showcase presents.