Detective Comics #994-#1000 Possible Collaoration?

Detective Comics #1000 comes to DCU on March 31st. Because the title is on our [New to DCU] List, I figured that anyone who wanted to could join us for a 1 week shared crossover.

We would do either a joint post or two different post. One for Detective Comics #994-999 and another for #1000. I’m all ears. @AquamonC137 @BatJamags


Sounds good to me. @BatJamags, @Jay_Kay, and myself rotate events each month. I believe it will be my run the month that #1000 arrives on here. If so, we could do some sort of collaboration. Also, being that your club focuses on new to DCU comics feel free to have it just be an event in your club. I can give it a shout out and provide a link for WoB to join in. There is plenty of Batman content on here for me to work with. If however it’s to be released on a month during @BatJamags or @Jay_Kay’s run, it would be up to them on what they want to do. If it’s my turn, I’m cool with either of the above options. :+1:

March I believe will be @BatJamags’ month, with #1000 coming out during his last week.

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Wait it came out in June which I still think is BatJamags month

Unfortunately, I already committed my month to the Robin anniversary event that was being discussed over in Kryptonian Science Council (by the way, shouldn’t this be there or in PM?). I’m also not sure how a shared post would be different from your club just going ahead with it.

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never mind I guess it was May. Time is irrelevant!

I’ll join. Just tag me with any new info on where or how if anything changes. I’m ready whenever.

If u do it that is?

This’ll be a book club assignment in the Community Events section. Nathan runs a club for DC Rebirth content and Jay_Kay, AquamonC137, and I run the Batman club. We’re discussing how to set it up. The conversation’s moved to a PM because this is just between the four of us.

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That’s fine. I’ll read it by myself no big deal.