DETECTIVE COMICS 472-476 - Something of a masterpiece

Several dovetailing stories make a whole lot of late '70’s greatest, and for me, possibly the most defining Joker stories of them all. Annnnnnd, maybe some '70’s male attitude is a little dated.


I guess it’s no longer on the app, because I can’t find it. I hope they add it back.

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I just found it-- I think the system just glitched out on you.

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Ack! I was looking for Batman, instead of Detective Comics. Once I actually looked for the correct title, it was pretty easy to find :grin:

Thanks for the recommendation!


Part of the Engleheart/Rogers run, fantastic stuff. I also remember enjoying the sequel they did together called “Dark Detective.”

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I read the last three issues many years ago in the Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told and Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told trades they did in the mid 90’s. Maybe I should read the whole run, I remember those three being really good.

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