Detective Comics #27 "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate" as an animated movie?

As the internet showers me with scores of variant covers for the upcoming Detective Comics #1000 these past few weeks (not a bad thing), a thought hit me.

Wouldn’t it be interesting for there to be an animated movie adaptation of “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate”, the very first ever Batman story from Detective Comics #27?

I’ve watched and own every DC Animated Universe direct-to-video release from Superman: Doomsday to The Death of Superman (I’ve decided to hold off on buying Reign of the Supermen until next year’s double-feature blu-ray release, but I did watch it on the big screen, so I did my loyal DC guy thing and spent money on it already LOL). In a nutshell, I loved them when they started, got really tired of them when they shifted into the New 52/Flashpoint era. While they’re riskier, I’m now appreciating the ones that are original stories rather than adaptations, like the Suicide Squad movies, JLD, and Gotham by Gaslight, which chose to carve an original story inspired by the book fans know and love.

So why not do the same for “Chemical Syndicate”? Use the original story for inspiration but also be inspired with it being the very first Batman adventure?

I don’t know if the story is long enough to make up a full-length feature. They would have to add a lot of padding to fill the time. And that “padding” is what lead to the Batman/Batgirl roof sex in “The Killing Joke” adaptation.


@Jerm_78, when you’re right, you’re right. LOL That entire movie should even exist, but whatev. But to your point, my snarky knee-jerk reaction is, “Then don’t let Bruce Timm be involved.” I can’t help but notice all of his recent Batman stuff, like “The Killing Joke” and “Batman and Harley Quinn” has involved sensuality, overt and coy. I didn’t mind it as much in HQ but like you, did in TKJ. And any adaptation of “Chemical Syndicate” isn’t screaming for sex either.

I knew there was a recent comic book adaptation of the original story and was surprise to google it and discover there were five! According to the Wiki page below, there are:

1 - Detective Comics #387 (1969) with art by Bob Brown and Joe Giella. Titled “The Cry of Night is – Sudden Death!”
2 - Secret Origins #6 (1986) by Roy Thomas and Marshall Rogers.
3 & 4 - Detective Comics #627 (1991) included two new takes on the story, one by Marv Wolfman and Jim Aparo, and another by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle.
5 - The New 52’s Detective Comics volume 2 #27 (2014) written by Brad Meltzer with art by Bryan Hitch

I was thinking of the Meltzer/Hitch one but I don’t recall enjoying it much. I need to go through my boxes to find the 1991 one. In any case, these expanded or reinterpreted the story. Given the right talent, the same for a movie adaptation could be worthwhile, like “Gotham by Gaslight” was.

To add to your list of 'Tec #27 adaptations, there’s an OGN titled Batman: Detective no. 27. It came out in 2003, was written by Michael Uslan and illustrated by Peter Snejbjerg.