Detective comics 1000

With issue 1000 coming up I thought I would give my hand a try at what I would do as a variant cover . Hope you enjoy it


That’s pretty cool.

Wait… did you draw that? If so… WOW. I’ll repeat that. Wow.

You guys are sooooo good in drawing

Very nice!

Wow, @randyarmbrecht.21680! I hope you end up doing more and sharing them - you did a great job!

0/10 needs more supertrunks

In all seriousness, though, that’s awesome. I just wish I could draw even half as well as that.

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This is so awesome!! …Are there more? :eyes:

Holy crap!!!
Where do I buy? :wink:
Seriously though, if I saw this in a comic shop, I’d throw my money at it.

Good Stuff!

this is so cool

I would commission you to do my Detective 1000 blank cover