Detective Comics #1000: Which Cover Did You Pick?

Had to go with the standard wraparound Jim Lee here.

I’d have considered the Bruce Timm in addition if my LCS had not been sold out.


Jim Lees because it Jim Lee My comic store gave me a second one Rodolfo Migliari cover because they value me as a customer

I should clarify that anymore with a pull list got one

Jim Lee baby


The regular Jim Lee cover and that sideways cover Jim Lee…Love Jim Lee’s work.

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Jim Lee and Greg Capullo. I’d like them all but you know, money.

Grabbed the Jim Lee wrap around, Jim Lee midnight release and the Bruce Timm 40’s.

Jim Steranko’s 60s cover

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To paraphrase Ash from Army of Darkness: “Jim Lee baby. Just Jim Lee.”


I went with Steve Rude’s 1930’s cover.


I went way over budget and got most of them I think my favorite was the 1930s variant.


1940s Joker variant by the one and only Bruce W. Timm. I’ll eventually get all the base/decade variants, but that’ll be it for my Detective 1000 collection. Action 1000 is my pride and joy and there’s still quite a few of those variants I’m on the hunt for. Right now that collections sitting at 21 variants.

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My shop was doing a special bundle package deal so I got all of them, and honestly couldn’t pick my favorite they are all so amazing!!! The art is out of this world and the stories inside are even better this was truly a home run issue DC couldn’t be happier with it :wink:

Jim Lee and berni wrightson!!

The 50s Cho, love the zany

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So far I just have two of the regular Jim Lee cover. I pre ordered one from Midtown Comics and my local Barnes and Noble got the JL cover so I bought one there also.

The 1950s variant. I love Michael Cho!

Might pick up the July release with the wraparound (might be a hardback?)


Love Cho.

I was lucky enough to nab the two Alex Ross variants before they sold out. For reading, I went for the Steve Rude cover. I may splurge for the exclusive Lee Bermejo variant too. It’s pretty amazing.