Detective Comics #1000 Reactions.

Burt Ward Robin: “Holy publishing milestones, Batman! It’s here, it’s here!”

Adam West Batman: “That it is chum! I officially urge all DC Universe members to pick up this milestone in comic book publishing history and revel in its greatness! It pairs well with Nestlé’s Quik too. God bless Captain Q.”

DC Comics’ flagship title that gave them their namesake has at long last hit the quadruple number milestone. The book is out NOW and ready for you to get your paws on it.

What are your thoughts on this issue and where the story with the Arkham Knight could go? Let’s discuss!


I want to see more of The Guild of Detectives!!! What a great team that would be are you kidding me lol Kevin Smith’s story was my favorite so far but I’m only half way through.


Kevin Smith’s story is the one I’m excited for the most.

I’ve only flipped through the issue so far, but I stopped in my tracks when I saw Jason Fabok’s pin-up. That should be the next Batman oriented background for DC Daily. Its an absolutely gorgeous piece of art.


I would like a print of Jason Fabok art work Being squished in the pages of the comic don’t do it justice

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I loved it! The issue was really fun to read and I loved the art it was so beautifully laid out. My favorite story was The Batman’s Design I thought that captured what batman was in just a few pages it was great.

Although spoiled for me, the final page was worth the entire cover price. I’m looking forward to this addition to the canonical stories!

Difficult to get that many creators and that many stories with that many different tones and have them all be A+ but there’s not a weak story in the issue. Bring on the Guild

I’d already decided that the Legend of Knute Brody (Dini) was my favorite story by the time I was finished with the first page. I was promptly completely unsurprised to discover that Paul Dini wrote it. I’d say they sort of frontloaded the best stories, but most of them were pretty good. I really enjoyed Batman’s Longest Case (Snyder), Manufacture for Use (Smith), I Know (Bendis), and The Precedent (Tynion), and found The Batman’s Design (Ellis), Return to Crime Alley (O’Neil), and Heretic (Priest) a little weak. The Batman’s Design is just Batman beating some dudes up. I can get that in literally any other issue of Batman or Detective Comics. Return to Crime Alley is pretty much the same thing as every other preachy lecture from Leslie Thompkins, and is honestly a little disappointing from Denny O’Neil. Heretic felt like it didn’t end, just kind of stop mid-scene. The Last Crime in Gotham (Johns) was kind of weird, but was a decent idea. Batman’s Greatest Case (King) was a nice idea, but infuriating because I couldn’t tell who was talking in half the panels, because if it’s not a royal pain to read, it’s not Tom King. Get it? ROYAL pain? King? Never mind.

I also didn’t much care for the game Arkhan Knight, and didn’t really think the identity deserved adapting into the comics, but I suppose the story could be interesting.

All things considered, it was a satisfactory thousandth-issue milestone, but nothing groundbreaking. The one thing I’ll say I really appreciated was that the writers all clearly have a strong love and understanding for the character, even the ones whose stories were weaker. The first three were definitely my favorites, though.


@BatJamags I got your royal pun. It was worthy of the King himself :wink:


A digital copy would have been nice to include in this issue.