Detective Comics 1000 / 80 Years of Batman sale at Barnes and Noble

For those who may be interested Barnes and Noble has a sale right now where if you buy the 80 of Batman book you can get Detective Comics 1000 for $5.00. The 80 Years of Batman book is also on sale for 20% off.


Nifty! Are all Batman books on sale? Any “Buy 2, get 1 free” action?

I don’t think so, I’m pretty sure the only signs I saw in the trade section was for the 80Years/1000 sale. Now that I think about it I’m kinda surprised nothing else was on sale. I actually think it’s closing in on a year since B&N did a buy 2 get 1 free sale, I could be wrong about that.

Also I don’t know if it can be combined with the 80Years/1000 sale but B&N has a 15% off coupon you can get on their web site.

The last B2G1 sale B&N did that I’m aware of was during this past holiday season. It ended in mid-January of this year.

goes to check on Amazon’s price for the 80 Years book

B&N usually does two B2G1 sales on graphic novels (usually DC and Marvel but Image has recently been added to the mix). One is during the holidays; the other is sometime between late spring and the middle of summer.

I don’t know how I miss the B2G1 in January. The only thing I can think of is mid January is when we had a storm come through area. I just hope DC 1000 sale good enough that it at least get them to consider stocking single issue comics again.

The B2G1 is really only for the first couple days of January. It starts right around Thanksgiving ans ends just after New Years.

As much as I’m in B&N I don’t remember any B2G1 sale from Nov-Jan, maybe my local store wasn’t a participating store. I’m in my local B&N almost every weekend. Now that I think about it I’m pretty sure the other B&N I go to didn’t have a B2G1 sale either. I’m in no way saying there wasn’t a sale but if there was is wasn’t advertised in store at all. I guess I just need to keep a closer eye on B&B’s sales from now on.

Barnes & Noble didn’t do much to promote the most recent B2G1 sale past the 2018 holiday season. I know for sure it ran until January 13th or so of this year, but there was absolutely no signage or other in-store promotional material to promote it after Christmas at the stores I semi-frequent.

I mean, if you’re having a sale why not promote it? They wonder why Amazon is #1

One of the things with B&N is that they’re all different in terms of staff. I worked for them for ten years and for most of those we had a team that really embraced comics, gaming and other pop culture. Other stores in the area…not so much.