Detective 438 - 435. Each one of these issues is a kind of microcosm of DC Comics history, featuring a Batman story from the early '70’s, usually a back-up, and a spate of reprints from the '30’s to the '70’s. Imagine putting this stack into the hands of an 8 year old. Trust me, you get a love of reading in general and comics specifically. Add in an issue or 3 on either side, and you get the classic Manhunter and original Bat Murder stories. While these issues aren’t available here, they are available on Comixology and that other DC App for buying your comics.

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I’ve read a few of these and the 100 pagers from other titles of the time. They’re alot of fun and the obvious inspiration for today’s 100 Page Giant books at Walmart.

Good stuff.

I bought one of them at Comixology because I was collecting Man hunter, by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson.

The reprints were interesting, including Golden Age stuff

But I strongly prefer either all new or all reprint when buying a comic

A mixture of the two felt like I was buying the new material at at a higher price than normal, with the other material being filler, to increase page count.

I was hoping that the walmart books were gonna be just like those 'tec issues. A cool mix from four different “ages” of comics

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