Desperate to get real customer support. Submitting to the "Help Center" failed miserably

My DC Universe Infinite Ultra subscription expires today. I would love to send DC the $120 to renew, but I have a technical issue that is being ignored. I submitted the following to the “Help Center”:

I have 2 Android devices both on Android 14, a Google Pixel 4A and a Pixel 8. I cannot log into DCUI on either. When trying to reach the login screen through any path, the app just abends and disappears without warning or error message. I have tried all of the “troubleshooting” (delaying) tactics recommended by DCUI and none work (e.g.,checking for app and system updates, uninstall/reinstall, restart, clear cache and storage). I will not renew my soon to expire subscription without a solution. Why should I give you $120 for an app I can’t use?

The reply I got from the Help Center was information on how to reset my password, even though I never used the word password in my submission. I replied stating such, and the reply from the Help Center re-asked me to re-send all of the information that I already submitted. I need real help! The support ticket number is 795307. Do I have ANY other options other than switching to Marvel?

It is complete baffling that in an industry so easily pirated, that DC makes it so difficult to be a paying customer.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Hey there, thank you for reaching out to us and letting us know about this issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately, as these situations are handled by different teams, we on the DCUI Community moderation staff are not able to view your ticket history in the Help Center, nor do we have access to any of the tools used to view your billing information. All technical/billing support is handled entirely by the Customer Support team; in this instance, I do suggest complying with their last response and copy/pasting any pertinent information from your initial request so that they may look further into the issue.