Definitive Comic Portrayal

What do you think is the definitive/most faithfully accurate version of each character/team? Which adaptation is it based on? Is it your favorite adaptation?

For instance, Wonder Woman (1975) Season 1 was based on the Golden Age stories, while Seasons 2 and 3 were based on the Silver Age. The pilot episode was almost completely accurate to her first two appearances. While the Lynda Carter version followed the stories closer, Gal Gadot’s version displayed better powers and stayed truer to her character. Despite the difference in accuracy, I like Lynda Carter’s version more.

I hope that this can be a fun thread that can create pleasant and interesting topics. If nothing else, it can help people find what comics to read to go along with a show/film/video game.

I also forgot that this may need a spoiler tag. I wish I could go back and include it.

If memory serves, I believe that WW seasons 1 & 2 were WWII timeframe and season 3 was current continuity at that time.

Julie Newmar is the definitive Catwoman, to me. Yes, her character needs to looked at in context of its time (same with LC WW)

I wish I had a time machine and could bring Julie & Lynda at their peaks and allow them to play the much more empowered female heroine stories we are able to tell today.

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I should also add that most people who use this service have more comic/film/tv show experience than me, so it might not help anyone, but I wrote that because this thread will hopefully allow people to share their experiences and grow closer together.
I already know where I stand, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be of benefit to others.
All it takes is positive thinking to initiate good actions (why I wrote this).

I really liked the WW I movie and Lynda was a true treasure of the 1970s tv landscape. Loved her in the role and I still think of her as the definitive “look” of non-print WW. She physically filled the role and was a great height, although that may have been more to say about the cast that surrounded her.

Susan Eisenburg has a great voice for WW in the JL/JLU version of WW. It brought the seriousness and compassion balance.

The first WW Animated movie is classic and for a single episode/movie does the character a great service. I’ll confess I was concerned that the Gal version might not live up to it, but, it did. While different, it was just as powerful a portrayal.


For years, I’ve said that Batman: The Animated Series was my definitive Batman.

It doesn’t adhere to any particular era of comics, but it does distill all of the versions and histories down into the very essence of who I thinkThe Dark Knight is (as well as who his friends and the members of his rogues gallery are).

Also, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.


Batman and Joker to me are Conroy and Hamill. My definitive Batman would have to be BTAS or the Arkham Games.


I’ve changed since I started reading comics. Before, if you asked me, let’s say, about Superman…my mind would instantly think of Christopher Reeve; no ifs or buts. That is no longer the case. For the past 8 years or so, Superman is tied in my mind to the comics. If you ask me today, I think of the current Superman ongoing…that’s Superman (to me). A few week’s ago we read John Byrne’s Man of Steel for the book club…that’s Superman. Choose your favorite pick from the comics; you get my drift.
As far as the portrayals in the movies and shows…I find each one represents a different aspect of Superman that I enjoy in said comics. George Reeves: tradition and history, Christopher Reeve: purity and wide eyed wonder, Brandon Routh: savior, Dean Cain: humble intrepid reporter, Henry Cavill: resident badass, The Animated Series: probably a little of all the above. I don’t really look for comic book accuracy, as much as I like making links to them. That allows me to enjoy each unique depiction for what it is.


DCAU. Always.