Debate: Who's the best protector of Sector 2814?

Alright, now we’re just talking about the Green Lanterns of Earth (I’m also including Alan Scott, even though he’s technically not in the Corps). Which human is the best to have ever become a Green Lantern?

Is it, the classic, Hal Jordan? The artistic Kyle Rayner? The bombastic Guy Gardner? That’s up for y’all to debate in the comments below!

Have fun!


For the sector: Hal Jordan
For Earth: John Stewart


Out of those four, I am only not familiar with Kyle Rayner. So, out of the remaining three, I say Hal. Alan is not as powerful and Guy is too brash.
Now, including Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and John Stewart, I am torn between the three. After watching Justice League vs the Fatal Five, she has the biggest challenge. I have not read her comics or know too much about her, so that film is my basis. I honestly only know the name of Simon (until I remembered after writing some of this). For John, I am basing on Justice League Animated Series, and he is the most level-headed and moral. But, protection-wise, I think I still say Hal. Once I read more of the others, my answer my change.

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For me in the following order:

  1. Hal Jordan
  2. Jon Stewart
  3. Jessica Cruz
  4. Kyle Rayner

I never liked Guy Gardner because he was bourgeois and I hated his haircut.


I’d have to say John Stewart is the best Green Lantern for earth. Hal Jordan is seen as #1 however he has been the cause for alot of issues at well. Especially with the possession of Paralax incident. John Steward however has been incredibly reliable and consistent. As far as I’m aware he’s never caused problems but has solved so many. He is by far the most consistent of the Earth Green Lanterns and is so reliable, I believe he’s also one of the only ones to NOT fall from grace. Hal Jordan was possessed by Paralax, went yellow lantern multiple times, and has been corrupted by other sources. Guy Gardener went full on Red Lantern for quite some time and has fallen to his rage on multiple occasions, Kyle Raynor…well he’s had issues with his insecurities mostly. John however has always stood firm I believe only being taken by an Indigo Ring once and that didn’t really cause much problems. So yeah John Stewart is in my opinion the best Green Lantern of Earth!


@Bkittsler That’s some really sound logic right there. I believe Kyle was also possessed by parallax.

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Are we talking about who’s the best at doing Green Lantern things, or who’s the best character? For the former, I’d probably say Kyle Rayner. For the latter, it’s a toss-up between Hal and John. John is “my” Green Lantern because I grew up watching the Justice League animated series, but he’s usually not as interesting or prominent in the comics as Hal.

Also, recognition to Alan Scott for power level and general awesomeness, and Guy Gardner for entertainment value.


Hal for me, but I like seeing them all interacting.

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@BatJamags You can take the question either way you want. Or both. (I’ll also say I’m a bit surprised you didn’t say Mogo here too. After all, he did send out the rings to the Earth lanterns.)