Debate: Who should take the mantle?

The death of Batman has been told multiple times. Many of which are simply fake outs. But the debate has always been who should take the mantle of Batman if he were to go missing or die.

We’ll include all DC characters into this mix associated with Batman like Azrael, Terry, Dick, Jason, Tim, etc.

Who do you think would make the most sense or be the best replacement for Bruce if he were to need to be replaced? Do you agree with canon works which mostly choose Dick Grayson as his successor, or do you think it should be someone else and if so who would it be?


Tim Drake


While I think Dick aesthetically makes sense for Batman, I don’t think he would actually make sense. The whole point of Dick becoming Nightwing was because he didn’t want to become Batman, so I don’t think he would want to be Batman long term but would still feel the obligation. Terry would definitely be a good choice if he was around because of the very fact that he is Batman Beyond, but I also think he’s too young and inexperienced for the job same with Azrael and Damien.

Ultimately I think the best person would be Tim Drake. After being mentored and trained for so many years, Tim has really proven that he can handle himself on his own. Unlike every other sidekick, he also doesn’t really have his own identity other than Red Robin which doesn’t really count. I think out of all the sidekicks, Tim would be best suited for the mantle although he would most likely lighten up Batman’s character a little bit given Tim’s nature.


Dick (since it happened twice, and worked very well the second time) and then decades later, Tim.


Hands down, argument lost… GA, the Emerald Archer. Not only was he practically created as a rip-off, but Green Arrow will be the first to complain if Batman appears to be higher than him. Oliver Queen is Batman.

Second place, Sherlock Holmes. Third, Detective Chimp.

Fourth: If no one else, Man-Bat.


If not Damian, then Dick, if not one of them the Jason.

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I would probably go with Damian – not only is it something that Damian explicitly wants, but he’s also similarly driven and has both the skill and the detective prowess to pull it off.

That is a very good point, @PhoenixTTV! So many great opinions here, in fact. Love the creativity of picking Man-Bat, @abfgmsw!

In my opinion, I think both Dick and Jason are more interesting as their own characters. They’ve formed their own identities and I don’t think that there’s anything they’d gain from picking up the mantle, personally.

As for Damian, I see him as more of a question mark, honestly. We haven’t really seen him grown but I’ve always seen identity as a big struggle for his character. Someone torn between two personas that were chosen for him by his family. Choosing to be Batman could be a step forward for him. So could finding his own path. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Above anyone else, I see either Tim or Terry eventually adopting the cowl as their own. That or have them all find their own roles, with the Batman role itself eventually retiring with Bruce.


Manbat lol :joy:. Interesting.


To me, Dick is and should be Nightwing. However, right now, Dick is really the only choice to put on Batman’s cowl. I liked Dick as Batman pre-Flashpoint, and I think he’d be a great Batman until Tim (or Damian) was actually ready to be the Bat.

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That’s tough, maybe Dick Grayson, or Terry McGinnis

The idea of a “successor” for any of the heroes doesn’t really appeal to me. I feel like it takes away from both the successor and the one being succeeded. Batman is Batman. If Nightwing or Robin or any of the characters mentioned in this thread were to take to fill the void, it should be as Nightwing or Robin or whoever the choice may be by the writer. Just my humble opinion.

Terri McGinnis. Doesn’t have as messed up reasons more being the Batman Damian’s gonna knock up a girl before she’s 16. He’ll have move him & the mother, & the kid back to talia’s

Terry Mcginnis

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I would have liked to see Damian briefly dawn the cowl, but I don’t think it’s for him. Tim may be the best long term. But I would like to see Damian, just once, make his father proud.

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Now are we staying in the Batman family or going beyond that into other hero’s possibly taking the mantel

“ALL DC Characters associated with Batman”. So, I took that to mean anybody Batman interacts with, not just the Batfamily.

Honestly, I don’t think successor makes sense for any of them. If any, I can see Damian taking the reigns since he’d see it as his birthright, but all the others don’t want to be Batman for one reason or another.

Dick should be the one, older, experienced and has the proper gravitas. Tim seems too “good” to be the Bat, Jason doesn’t respect to rule of law enough and Damien is too young.

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