Deathstroke to end at issue 50!

I’m gutted! I knew that Christopher Priest was going to end his run at issue 50, but I would’ve thought that someone else would’ve taken over the book. I would rather Priest leave on a high and not let the quality of the book drop, but I wanted someone taking over with some fresh ideas. Could be years until we get another book of his now.


This book is probably the only time I ever found Deathstroke interesting as a character. So I’m sad to see it end, but ultimately happy Priest gets to end it on his terms. Not many writers or comics are afford that kind of opportunity.


One of the greatest DC runs of all time. People will be rediscovering this gem for generations and asking “Why has no one told me about this?”


Yes, HubCity, I agree. A lot of people found it very hard to understand what was going on at the beginning, because it tended to hop around a lot, that was the only complaints I ever heard about the book. This is hands down my number 1 book each month, I get excited each first week of the month before it comes out. Surely they’re not gonna leave Deathstroke without a presents in the Comics, or his own title for long? This is without a doubt the most populate the character has ever been! We’ve had 3 live action versions of him appearing in the space of 3 years, he also has his CW animated show coming soon and he’s been in a number of other animation over the past few years, cinematically, streaming,TV and direct to DVD/Digital!


I really like this book of Deathstroke, it has me enthralled.


I give it a year before they announce a Priest-Deathstroke omnibus


@Moloch! That would be some good reading!

It’s not the easiest start though so I keep restarting it. I’m sure it’s like Black Panther (2015) where the first three issues are a confusing mess and then it gets REALLY GOOD.

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You should stick with it, it’s such a good book. Once the run finishes I’m going to start it all over again from the start.

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Alex Antone, Priest’s editor on Deathstroke, has been teasing that this may not be the end of Priest at DC… what book would you want him to take on next?

Personally I think he’d kill it on Red Hood, or Green Arrow.


Yeah, he would be good in Red Hood, but I also love Scott’s run on it, so I’m not sure I would want to lose him writing it.

Scott’s been writing Red Hood basically non-stop for 8 years. I think it’s time someone else had a shot.

I’m not an overly big fan of Christopher Priest, but I’d give a Red Hood book under his pen a chance.

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I think it’s partly interesting and partly confusing crap.

Overall, I’m not going to miss Preist at all. But it will be relaunched pretty soon.

DJWolfman, I hope it does. I can’t see why they would leave a Deathstroke book off the table for very long.

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If Tony Daniel could hop back onboard the adventures of Mr. Wilson via a new series, I’d belt out “Dennis!!!” lickity split.

Daniel’s Deathstroke is my favorite recent series to star him.

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I’m not a big Deathstroke fan, but I gave this series a try and really enjoy it.

@Vroom. I love that series, too. I read it all again about a month ago.

I like Christopher Priest’s version of Deathstroke and I’m sorry to see it end.

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