Deathstroke & Titans

I’m still watching the episode but I had to stop and say this is my second favorite episode.

Deathstroke is so amazingly represented in this show, there’s never a cheesy moment with him.

You guys got it just right!



Its now my favorite episode. I’m so happy we are getting amazing DC based content.


It’s my favorite so far too.

“Watch closely son, this is what happens to Titans”.

I got chills from that line!

The episode had heart, laughs, and the best fight of the show so far.

I cannot wait for round 2… Nightwing is coming!!!


I loved this episode!

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It was an emotional rollercoaster! I was mad, hyped, sad and hopeful. The fight was awesome and to avoid spoilers I’ll just say the other fight was awesome too.

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Most def, this episode and the Superboy one could have just been spun off into their own individual shows.

I didn’t think they would pull off Deathstroke being interesting aside from actions scenes and nonetheless casting such an awesome actor.

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