Deathstroke Declares A Shadow War on the DCU in March!

You can read all about Shadow War on the DC homepage.

I’ll likely do with it what I did with Fear State:

Stick with the ongoing series I’m already into, pass on the rest as it comes out and then read the entire thing either on DCUI or in trade.

With Fear State, the ongoing I was already reading was Nightwing, whereas with Shadow War, it’s Deathstroke Inc. (which is quite good, so far).

What do you think about Shadow War, and how it sounds at this point?


Haven’t heard much about it. Very behind in current comic reading but always up for more Deathstroke.

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No spoilers, but his intro in Deathstroke Inc. #1 was pretty damn rad.

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Oh, I’m always down for some Joshua Williamson. Better get caught up on Deathstroke, Inc and Robin I guess.

(Also, just realized that my brain has been conflating the work of Joshua Williamson with that of Rob Williams. No wonder he’s able to put out so much work at once!)


Thoughts on Batman #118?

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Haven’t read it yet. (I am way behind on Batman and haven’t read Fear State yet. Will it make sense if I just pick it up at 118?)


Probably, but I haven’t read it yet either. :joy:

Batman has mostly been a DCUI read for me, outside of random issues in the Walmart bundles.

I was going to start reading Batman in singles as they come out, given its a new arc by a new writer, but Batgirls out-prioritized it, so Batman will remain a DCUI read for a good while longer.


That cover looks sick :fire:


It does, it really does. I loves me some Jonboy Meyers artwork.

As the marketing for Shadow War continues into next March, if I should see a Shadow War poster of the above cover at a comic store, I may just try and talk them out of it, once Shadow War has begun. :wink:


Something I’m really curious about is if Shadow of the Bat and Shadow War are at all connected. I hope so, since it feels silly to have two events running in the Batbooks with such similar titles. :slight_smile:


Maybe Shadow War will pick up on threads from Shadows of the Bat? :man_shrugging:

Speaking of, I’m sorely tempted to read Detective Comics while SOTB comes out, as I loves me some weekly comics.


That’s what I’m hoping! Otherwise…what are they thinking, SHADOW of the Bat and SHADOW War? :slight_smile:

I have fond memories of weekly Batman comics from Batman Eternal. :slight_smile:


It could be the set-up for the long-requested return of The Shadow to DC.


No? Well, I’d like to see him back at DC, at least.

I have fond memories of all of DC’s weekly books since 52 began in 2006. :slight_smile:

With each successive weekly book since 52 ended, it was always fun to enjoy a fresh slice of comic pie from the same book, week after week.

…and I don’t care what anyone says, I liked Countdown to Final Crisis. :wink:

Did you read the latest Detective Comics Annual? I saw it had something to do with SOTB.


All of them? Even Countdown and Future’s End? :slight_smile:
I think I skimmed the annual, but I might be confusing it with the backups in Tec. :slight_smile:


The Paul Dini fan in me refuses to dislike anything he’s involved with. :nerd_face:

I’ll admit, Countdown got rather…haggard at points, but the good far, FAR outweighed the bad for me. I especially liked the Lord Havok, Countdown: Arena and Countdown to Adventure minis.

Yep! TBH, it’s probably my least-favorite New 52 weekly, as I found Batman Eternal and Earth 2: World’s End much more engaging (especially the latter).

I skimmed the preview on Comixology, but that didn’t tell me anything. If I do read SOTB in singles, I’ll just grab 'Tec as it comes out, then read the Annual once it hits DCUI.

I do wish that with a weekly event, they could drop the price to $3.99 for 'Tec. I remember when DC made a big deal out of offering 52 at $2.50. Thematic appropriateness aside, that was pretty schway of them to do.

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Fair. I just find so few Countdown fans. :slight_smile:

I am pretty frustrated at DC’s pricing currently. But that’s why I have DCUI.


We exist. :nerd_face:

I have no idea how well 'Tec has sold since it went to $4.99, but I can guarantee that no matter how well it’s done, it will do even better during SOTB at $3.99, because a temporary price drop would definitely bring some new biz to the book.

“Why do that, when they’d make more money on it at $4.99?”

Because I already buy enough $4.99 titles and would prefer prices to drop, so that I could then snag even more titles. You give a little, you get a little, DC. :grin:

DCUI is a lifesaver. I can buy the titles I really want to read as they hit retail, and then just catch-up with everything else 6 months later.

If I could hug DCUI, I would. “I’ll do it, man. Believe me, I will!” :nerd_face:


I think Deathstroke is just being rude, but please don’t tell him

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He is a bit snippy at times, isn’t he?

IDK if Lamont Cranston (aka The Shadow) would approve of Slade going to “war” with him, when Lamont would just say “You’re not going to go to war with me.”, to which Slade would say “Okay.” and then the whole affair is over before its even begun.

But…that kind of thing doesn’t sell comics, so snippy Deathstroke it is. :nerd_face:

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I loved The Shadow War (of Hawkman that is):

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