Deathstroke Animated Series

What!? But it’s on CW Seed streaming.

Why not here? :frowning:


I figure that as long as Warner can make more money licensing IPs for use elsewhere, they’ll choose that over any other option.

Plus, there may be a contract agreement between WB/DC and CW that promised them X amount of animated series for CW Seed. They may be bound to that agreement until it is fulfilled.

Why not just combine DCU with CW seed then? Their both under the same umbrella arent they??

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Why make money and pull an audience in with one platform, when you can do it with two?

@Vroom But arent they competing against eachother? Most people will decide to either have DCU or CW Seed, not both.

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CW Seed is free though, whereas DCU is a pay platform. WB makes their scratch from advertisements on CWS and from subscribers here. In short, they make money in both cases.

Having DC content on CWS and DCU isn’t unheard of though. Birds of Prey and Constantine are on both right now. Maybe by the time it’s ready to roll out, Deathstroke could be on both. Things can change during production.


Even if CW Seen wasn’t free most would not decide one or the other. A lot of the Marvel movies and a bunch of new Marvel shows are going to Disney+, so are Marvel fans also going to now unsub to Netflix and not watch Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy and whatever other shows they like on Netflix? They will just join both.

But as Vroom says CW Seed is free so no one is going to be leaving one for the other. People want to put them all under one service because it is more convenient and cheaper, but WB wants to make more money, not less for your convenience, that just isn’t how multi million dollar companies work.

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To add to DTMO’s last point, WB makes more money on certain types of content (say the DCEU movies for example) by placing it on multiple platforms to get it in front of as many people as possible.

More platforms equals more people watching which equals more revenue, either from advertisers or licensing fee deals (both in many cases).

Actually @DTTM1 Disney is taking a lot of their Marvel stuff off of Netflix and eventually all of it. They announced all their content on Netflix will be pulled by 2020.

And its almost certainly gonna have an impact on Netflix’s subscriber base.

Hollywood reporter expects a 22% drop. Collider expects a 28%. Youd be naive to think Netflix isnt affected losing Disney’s properties of Marvel, Star Wars, Fox, Pixar.

So it does impact the streaming services when major content is taken off and sent to another service.

Disney+ will be offering the bundle of ESPN+ Disney + and Hulu. But the thing is all three of those streaming services have very different content from eachother. Warner Bros is just splitting its content among its services to milk it for no reason, they would show better numbers if it was all under one streaming service, if they had a version of Netflix. An ultimate platform persay.

I dont see why Warner Bros wouldnt combine or bundle since it has multiple streaming services under its umbrella now.

Apparently their gonna have at least 3 streaming services going on by 2020. There gonna have WarnerMedia that was just announced, CW Seed and, DCU. On top of that having Warner Media and DCU and having content thats only blocked off for one service or the other seems redundant and counterintuitive. Trying to get you buy all three when in reality most people are just gonna choose one.

Tldr; I think Warner Bros would benefit from bringing all their content into one ultimate service, its easier on the consumer and it makes it less complicated with the distribution rights. We also shouldnt need 3 services to get our DC content.

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CW Seed isn’t necessarily a streaming service in the same vein as DCU and the WB service. It’s a free app with video content.

WB may yet do a bundle deal for DCU and their service (which would be a good idea). We’ll just have to be patient and see what’s what.