Deathatroke Origin Episode In Titans S2!

Just read that we’re getting a Deathatroke origin episode in this season of Titans! I truly believe this will be the closest we will get to his original origin, especially with all of the family involved, too. As much as I loved him in Arrow, his character was totally re-imagined, to the point where there is hardly any similarity from his origin and character in the Comics. I’m so hyped for this to start tomorrow!


I just hope they explain why he had to call himself Deathstroke the Terminator. Was Deathstroke not menacing enough on its own? Was there another Deathstroke and he needed a way for people to tell them apart? Or is he just a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan?

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Aside from arrow have we ever got a death stroke origin on tv?

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Nope, we’ve never had a solid one. Lois & Clark was a completely different take on him, Smallville was the same, too. I don’t know why they’ve never felt to portray the character from
his true origin, but I think this will be our true Deathstroke. I think the Movie version would’ve been true, too. It’s been hinted at in other media tho.


Slade was terminating years before Arny ever said he would be back.