Death of Superman - Middle of Reading

I have tried not to start any threads or even overly complain about the service. I have been happy to get to read comics that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Today, however, upset me. I have been using the collected areas for The Death of Superman storyline to be able to read them in order. Today, I wake up and those are removed from the front page without really any notice. There is no other area, from what I can see, that collects these storylines together, so instead of being convenient for me to read these books I have to figure out what order is what. Thank goodness for the internet! It is sure going to be fun scrolling through the entire comic section to read between various series to read the entire thing now. I still am happy for the service, but come on practice some casual customer service skills here DC!


All those comics were combined into trades decades ago. They should have just put the trade up. That would’ve been easier for the curator. Sounds like too much work to search each individual issue.

Or at least have an organization by story arc thing, like Comixology and MU.


This is definitely annoying, especially since I haven’t even made it to read yet. I assumed the Titans stuff was going to disappear and so I was trying to fly through that. Now though, I’m going to use the list below and add the individual issues to my favorites. I’ll just need to remember to add them in reverse order so that I read it the right way.

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@PrincessAmethyst I just posted a thread about this. Sorry I didn’t see yours before. As a temporary approach, I have found that organizes those collection under, so googling something like “ funeral” will help you find the page for the Funeral for a Friend collection (, which should save you the extra googling and browsing. But I think that DCU should allow us to search and/or browse by the various collections they feature.



Or just search Superman and go to series and find them

Thanks for showing me how I can still find these collections! I appreciate that. To the person that recommended just putting in Superman, this doesn’t come!e back with half the comics in the series because a few errands in Justice League and at least one part was in Green Lantern. I would have to hunt down every single issue in the browse comics section and considering one title was Adventures of Superman and another was Superman it could get very tiring very quickly. Thus, I appreciate those that helped me see the collected web links still! You guys rock!

That sucks sorry

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They probably should have just posted the trades for Death of Superman, Funeral for a friend, Reign and return of Superman instead of all the individual issues.

The trades are missing a few lead up issues. I like that they have the single issues in order. I just wish they were more easily accessible. It would be great if the reader would direct you to not only the next issue of that title, but also give you the option to read the next issue in the arc you are reading even if it is a different title.