Death of Superman (2018)

So I am out of the loop, I stopped reading DC back at flashpoint but I have kinda kept up with the events of the new 52 through rebirth, like Pre Flashpoint Superman is back with Lois and their son and new 52 Supes died.

Anyway, long story short getting back into DC and I see a series from 2018 called Death of Superman Part 1 Power. And I am confused because it looks like a retelling of the 90s doomsday v superman. Is that what it is? Is it cannon? If so, didn’t this pre flashpoint superman already die to doomsday or is this on another earth?


It’s a tie-in to the animated movie that came out last year. I don’t believe it is part of the current comic canon.

Oh yeah I forgot that was a thing, my bad.

Yeah, and I was excited that Louise Simonson was doing it, but it’s unfortunately pretty weak. The movie, on the other hand, is fantastic.

From a conceptual perspective, it was neat.

Execution-wise, the best part was seeing Louise Simonson’s on a Superman comic again. Hopefully we’ll see her name pop up again.