Death Metal

I post about Snyder’s works a lot so my opinions are no secret and now Death Metal is announced.
It seems like it will just be more of the same and while I mostly enjoyed Metal, I’m not all that impressed by this anymore. Weird armor and weapons. Ok great.
I’m also disappointed that it runs May - November because if this does have something to do with the future direction of the DCU it just means close to a year before anything moves forward.
Also, I’m so sick of The Batman Who Laughs!!! Please kill him. He could have been cool as a villain who pops up every few years but he never went away!
I like the Tales of the Dark Multiverse one shots but I’m done with it being used for Crisis level stories.
Negative attitude I know but it’s just overkill at this point. Just resolve the frickin story!


I wasn’t a huge fan of Dark Nights: Metal when I read it. Might have to give it a reread before this comes out.
I don’t hate Batman Who Laughs that much, I think his miniseries was good.
I think he should go the way of Alexander Luthor (Earth-3). Batman Who Laughs was interesting but after this next event he will have served his purpose. I want to see what Scott Snyder will do after this huge epic is finally finished.

Parts of BWL are enjoyable I just think they have used him too much. I’m ready for this “epic” to be over. To me, I am having trouble appreciating it because it never ends.
And he needs a better code name at this point or a nickname. It’s always a little silly when they use the full name in dialogue.

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To George Costanza (read Scott Snyder): “Just take one dip and end it!”

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