Death in the Family – Which Has Better Features?

Batman Death in the family the knew dc animated short, I did buy it recently, off of ITunes, my question is, Which has much better extra Features, DoEs the iTunes digital better or in the Blueray dvd better too buy.

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I think they have the same. When I’ve bought movies before, they usually have the exact same extras. I’m not sure if that holds true for the two most recent films, though.

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Ok thanks.

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Digitally will be missing about 5 minutes of content only available on the blu ray. Also, the interactive aspect is only available on blu ray, digital contains preassembled stories you can watch.

What kinda of contents is on the blue ray dvd tho.

My understanding is the extra 5 minutes is story line you can’t get digitally


audio commentary and 4 dc shorts. no featurettes

@The_Batman2021 There is a great website for all things DC animated:

It covers all the releases and news on upcoming movies, series, and related media. Here’s the dedicated Death in the Family sub-site:

Another good site is They cover all releases of movies et al.

Below is the link to the Death in The Family Release.:

Under the Blu-ray Review tab they cover video & audio quality and list all the special features. From that review:

  • Digital Copy - Normally I wouldn’t comment on these…but due to obvious limitations, Death in the Family 's digital copy does not feature the “choose your own adventure” formatting and instead plays as an extended linear version also known as Under the Red Hood: Reloaded . Physical media always wins, baby!

Hope this helps!

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