Death Battle

Darkseid vs Trigon

Who do you think would win and why?

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Both have lackeys do their bidding but Darkseid would step up to fight himself before trigon in my opinion. Add to it that Raven has a decent amount of control over Trigon,& add Darkseids cavalry & I think Darkseid would win, with the motherboxes & parademon fleet plus his omega beams.Also,Trigon would have to bring hell on earth after overpowering Raven & Darkseid lives in hell already so I think advantage Darkseid.


I think Darkseid would look at Trigon with the ambivalence he does with everyone and, with his arms crossed behind him as usual, fire his Omega Beams at Trigon, vaporizing him. He’d walk away with a smirk on his face.


After having Mongul and Brainiac for breakfast and lunch, Darkseid would polish off Trigon for a fulfilling dinner.