Dear DCU: Please Pick Up Young Justice For A Fourth Season Right Now

Titans got an early pickup, after all.

Considering the methodical way in which Weisman and Vietti and the rest of the team work, I’m certain that they would appreciate knowing ahead of time that all of the seeds that they are sowing in this season will have enough time to bear fruit (apples, obvi).

It’s not just because I’m obsessed.


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Yes give them 3 more seasons

I would definitely prefer a multi-season pickup. That way, fans and showrunners has time to plan (and if it is a one-time pickup, a set ending as opposed to what happened last time).

yes i would like a 4th season of the titans as well as young justice bring back the jla

Please bring us MORE SEASONS of Young Justice and Justice League.

Yes! A multi-season pickup would be ideal. This way we know if say we’re getting seasons 4, 5 and 6. This will get fans (myself included) super excited and will probably drive up subscribers just for Young Justice.