Genuine question, I see people say they don’t like will’s deadshot because he plays himself in every movie. I don’t see this, because his Floyd was so different from fresh prince which I’d say is more like Will, something he’s stated since it was his acting debut.
Now I’m not saying he must like his take but my question is if you are of that opinion why do you think so?


I thought he was gonna take me out of the movie just because he is such a huge star I thought he would overshadow the other characters but surprisingly he didnt what took me out of the movie were the stupid no name monsters and the design of Leto’s joker


I liked him, but he has a very distinct action movie persona and attitude. The formal scientific name is the Aww, Hell Naw Effect.


IMO, Will Smith’s movie performances are by and large quite distinct.

I don’t see how anyone can see him in Six Degrees of Seperation, Independence Day, Enemy of The State, Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness, Seven Pounds or Suicide Squad (among many other roles) and say “That’s the same character, just in a different movie.” Muhammad Ali and Floyd Lawton (for example) are pretty darn opposite of one another.

Fun Fact: Will Smith guest starred on Blossom as his Fresh Prince character. Behold…the NBC TV Extended Universe!

He also guest starred on ABC’s Afterschool Specials in one episode as a character named Hawker.