Deadman reading list with correction that BatWatch helped me catch. all the same but I forgot Strange Adventures goes 1st cuz it was on the pg b4 the others.

Strange Adventures #205-#210
Brave & Bold #79, #86, #104
Aquaman #49-52.
Bold & Brave #133
Adventure Comics #460-466
DC comics presents #24
Deadman (1986) 1-4
Secret Origins #15
Challengers of the Unknown #85-87
Deadman 1-7 (1985) reprints
Deadman (Kelley Jones) Love after Death 1-2
Deadman (Kelley Jones) Exorcism
Lobo/Deadman Brave & the Bald
Deadman Dead Again
Deadman Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love
Deadman Neal Adams 1-6

Optional backups on site Action Comics 601,602,618,619,620,621,622,623,624,625,626.
Batman: Demigods War (Book 2 of Neal Adams not on site).


Yes I realize I put Bold & Brave instead of Brave & Bold but u know what I meant…I’m tired lol cut me some slack.


Here’s the corrected one @Razzzcat


@PigParty here she lies.


Thanks! I’ll definitely check these out


U bet.

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Thanks for cultivating this! With my subscription to DC Universe the 1985 Deadman comics were the first series I read. In all my years of being on this earth I never paid much attention to Boston Brand, but I’ve quite the fondness for him now.

I’m reading through The Witching Hour arc and Deadman just showed up. One thing that was missing from this appearance is that the reader has no indication Boston in inhabiting someone. I really loved how Neal Adams gave a visual hue to anyone Deadman was possessing, It’s such a minor thing, but it’s a distinct association with the character for me.

I have a number of the later Deadman comics in my “To Read” list, so I don’t know if this visual representation is carried on in further comics.

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No problem, it was my pleasure. I bought a Deadman figure that came with a see thru head & shoulder piece. I put it on 1 of my Batman figs, since he always seems to use Bats as a conduit.

The Batman in the corner has it over his head.

Ha, that’s too rich!

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