DCYou: Unscripted Discussion

With the reveal of the top 10, let’s discuss the entire journey as the top 3 end up filming their pilots and then one goes to series.

What are you looking forward to seeing from the experience? Do you want to see the pitches from the top 10 and how the top 3 go about having their pilots come to life?


Yes! I wish they had done this contest more publicly, maybe with its own show and stuff. It would have been cool to have favorite ideas to root for.


Who is to say that this isn’t part of the process? Maybe they are filming it during all this? Maybe we get a documentary later or some episodes of a new show that reveals all the process. Many reality TV shows record wayyyyyy in advance and know for almost a year most of the outcome before announcing an official winner. Who knows what will happen here! I am excited either way for more fan driven content on here, as I really see this as a fan service.


Yeah, like @PrincessAmethyst said, this could end up being shown. I get what you mean though for us to have been able to see the top 25 would have been cool, but also there could be legal problems :woman_shrugging:

I think we are going to be getting more content regarding the process moving forward since they did think ahead and get reaction videos of the top 10 finding out they had been selected to pitch in LA.


I hope so, that would be cool.

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I mean they already have 3 “episodes” available for DCYou: Unscripted. I believe that at the very least we’ll be seeing developments on DC Daily and getting those clips added to the list.

Could be. I was surprised they didn’t have more info on the ten shows other than the names of the creators. I’m excited to learn more.

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Honestly, the reaction videos with the creators is more than I thought we would get. Looks like they had been in contact with the top 25 before narrowing it down to the top 10.

Looking forward to seeing more of whatever they give to us but it would be cool to know what the top 10 ideas were even if they don’t show who came up with the idea. In that way we could see if the fans agree with DC on the best idea/show.

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I would like to see that too! I’m just not sure we will get that because I think the rights to anything besides the top 3 end up going back to the person that submitted the idea after the entire process.

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@Don-El brought this to my attention

The finalists of DC Universe’s DC YOU Unscripted are scheduled to be announced January 24 in a special episode of the streaming service’s DC Daily weekday news show. The finalists will be named, and according to DC they will explain their pitches to the public at that time.

Read the full article at Newsarama


Wonder if I had enteract with any of those top ten winners here on the community board? I sure would’ve like to congrats them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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DCYou Judges and Mentors Announced

Anyone else watch the Top 10 Finalists Pt. 1 yet? I’m not sure if any of the competitors are reading these threads, but I’ve got so much admiration for the entire group! Pitching in an everyday environment is stressful enough - doing so on a program that’s going to be broadcast, in front of DC execs you admire, is intense. I don’t know how they managed it so gracefully.

If I got within 10 feet of Jim Lee, I’d probably forget every word in my vocabulary and start shining his boots.


Couldn’t help but feel like the last guy that pitched was pitching the show Stan Lee’s superhumans


I watched it and all of those shows sound good, shame DCU can’t just make all of them.

I got nothing but mad respect for all of them that made it that far. I entered the contest and that submission form was no joke. It was not simply “write a paragraph and hit send” some real work went into submitting the shows, so to get that far is an accomplishment to be proud of.

And as you said @CynicalPink to deliver a pitch in front of those three while also being filmed. Definitely would be intimidating.

Wishing them good luck, and good luck to the five we haven’t seen yet, I can’t wait to get home from work and see what the remaining pitches are and who three (it was 3 right?) to move on to make a pilot of their show will be. Hope we get to see all the pilots.


Just finished watching top 10 part 1. I wish them all good luck :grinning:

Everyone had great ideas, but I really liked the idea of dccomedy! There are so many characters and stories to work with. I love black comedy and feel like it works so well with DC, but if they keep it more pg 13 that’s fine as well. I hope this idea makes it to the top 3 :relaxed:

Can’t wait for part 2!

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Out of the top 3, my order is:

  1. Arkham Escape - I LOVE this idea. It sounds really fun and as Dan Didio said, very “legends of the hidden temple” like. I will be so upset if this doesnt win.
  2. Cosplay Clash - not into cosplay but i would watch it.
  3. Comic Road Trip - As much as i like the “going to comic stores” thing, it feels bland to me. Im not a fan of these types of “inspiration” shows. I would know what to expect with every episode.

The Fans of DC Universe podcast will be having a hayday with these ideas. My favorite was DComedy. I LOVE improv and know it’s the perfect unique experience. Limitless laughter and possibility. I definitely liked most of them though.

Arkham Escape
Comic Road Trip were my favorites. Still wish @HubCityQuestion Could have made it! I hope the fan interaction with the community section is taken into consideraation.


There were so many great ideas. Only one of my top three made it but they all sound really good. Going all in for Arkham Escape!!!