DCUO Battle

We should all do a big battle in DCUO, mainly PS4 and PC players (sorry Switch players, hopefully it’ll be added to the cross play in the future). Everyone gets to use their top characters and this would be a great chance to work on bounties, but most importantly do it just for fun!

How about a battle at the Metropolis Centennial Park by the Superman statue on Friday at 7 PM MST? Be sure to be on the PVP server.

well I would like too but my characters CR is also less then 100, i wouldn’t last a second against some of these players. I am always looking for friends to collect hero bounties on.

Well the beauty about a battle is that everyone will be involved, so you won’t be alone.

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well my user names are DakuYuri and DakuIvy add me and message me so i can add you too.

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I can help you out with leveling up. I’ll reach out to you soon with the invites.

Thanks both my characters are level 30 as of tomorrow but I’m still under CR 100 I’m currently grinding!