DCUI: What Do You Like About DC Universe Infinite? And What Would You Change?

Hey @HubCityQuestion, thanks for the report. This is an issue we are aware of and rest assured the team is taking a look into it. :slight_smile:

Hey @zooarch1980.75151, welcome back to the community! :partying_face: Thank you for the feedback; I’ve added this to our list of feature requests for our team to take a look into. Please feel free to reach out to the moderator team should you need anything. :batparrot:

Hey @Angel212, thank you for the report. Can you let us know what kind of device you are using and the version? This will help our team take a look into this.

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, clearing your cache/history, and restarting your device. Our Technical Support may be able to further help you; you can contact them at: yourdcu.com/submit. They’ll be able to assist you ASAP. :slight_smile:

Hey @LK3185, thank you for your report. Can you let us know what device you are using as well as the version? This will help our team better look into this issue.

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, clearing your cache/history, and restarting your device. Our Technical Support may be able to further help you; you can contact them at: yourdcu.com/submit. They’ll be able to assist you ASAP. :slight_smile:


I did the clear cache and history and that helped alot. I use an ipad the latest update but I was surprised how much space the cache/history used… do i need to have that feature on for the app to work properly is my question?

If so, then it seems i will have to clear the cache every week


It’s an iPhone 8 running the latest iOS 14 update (kinda don’t think this phone will survive a switch to iOS 15).

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting the phone…still no luck. I think the cache is empty? It says image cache size 0mb but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place…


So, I’d like an option to sub in app to specific comic runs. Take for instance the Harley Quinn (2021-). In the app, I’d like there to be an option for me to receive notifications when an issue is added so I can keep up to date with my pulls.

I’d also like an option for us to be able to mark comic issues or comic runs ourselves as having been read. For example, I may have read a certain issue somewhere else (paper copy or digital) or on a different application than the DC Infinite app (before it came out) and I’d like to be able to mark them as having been read so I can keep track of what I have read and what I need to read. Similar to how the comiXology and the Marvel Unlimited apps give that option. And also an option to archive them.

I’d love a better search in the app than how it is currently. Right now, when you search for (again, let’s say Harley Quinn) the results are all jumbled. There’s no option to see the most recent issues first, it just throws old and new all into a chaotic mix that’s not even in any sort of order. It’s frustrating. I want to be able to fine tune my searches.

As for this community website, please PLEASE make it ordered by most recent posts first. I see that you appear to have a ‘latest’ option on the search, but it DOES NOT WORK. I look in certain topics with the ‘latest’ selected on my search specifications and, here’s one that just happened, I get shown posts made back in 2019, that also have not been recently commented on. There’s no reason that in 2021 I search for the most recent posts and I end up with posts from 2019 being the first result ahead of posts made THIS year.

Speaking of which, on this site, all my notifications for topic updates and new posts and watch party announcements come in a day late and a dollar short, so I’m always late to the party because I’m not notified in a timely manner. An example: I wanted to join a watch party but only got notified of it starting after it was over on the NEXT day, so I end up missing these things due to poor, late alerts.

Finally, please update with the latest issues in the app WHEN those issues are published. We’re paying to read your comics digitally, paying, and when comics are released, they should also show up on the app same day.

Just overall: organization. Keeping things up to date. Better search. More options.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this! I really do love the app and hope to see it thrive even more. DC is one of my favorite comics publishers. In fact, if I’m remembering correctly, I think the first comic I read was a DC comic. I believe it was The Killing Joke. I’ve been hooked ever since.


Hey @MasterBruiseWayne! :wave: Thank you for the wonderful feedback; I’ve taken note of all of your suggestions for organization and search options on our list for our team to take a look at as soon as possible.

Regarding the community website and your search and notification issues; can you let me know what device(s) and browser(s) you are encountering these problems on? I am not able to replicate the search problem on my end and having this information will help our technical team look into this. :slight_smile:


I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max, software version 15.1, with Safari 15.1


Thanks for the additional information! :slight_smile:


One other small suggestion: i’ve noticed a number of featured collections, like the Black Label and Milestone imprint.

It would be great if someone could organize all of the Young Animal imprint box into a single showcase collection that could be saved to lists.

I read BUG when it came out years ago, but I’ve been reading Gerard way’s DOOM PATROL, and the advertisements in it (yes there are advertisements on the digital version in DC Universe infinite) make me want to read the other series under the imprint.

The same is true of the ABC imprint. Reading one makes me wanna read the rest.

How convenient would it be to have them all in one collection?


Thank you for your the suggestion! I totally see the appeal :slight_smile:


When I joined DCUI, I found it really hard for me to change my profile picture and username. I tried asking Kelex but he/she/it was no help. I didn’t know I had to go to “My DC”, or how to get there. It took me a few weeks before I figured out how to change my name and picture. I wish there was a way to change your username and picture right on the community page. It’s not as intuitive as one might think, especially for a newcomer.


Going off of this, I wish changing your pfp would be easier. It never works first try, and while it shows up on dcui after a few tries, it takes so many attempts for the pfp to show on the community


When it comes to my Samsung tablet, I have a same problem, when changing a picture in my avatar, I can’t even tell it’s loaded til I learn a little trick, when changing avatar picture, look for a little flash of light and hit save, it should be there even if you don’t see it. Hope that help, same with the background picture. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @NinjaSupes, @Jurisdiction, and @Reaganfan78! :wave: Thank you all for the feedback on the profile picture system and how to increase its accessibility. We’ll pass this along to the team in charge of these types of features and let them take a look into this. :slight_smile:


I wish there were pre-loaded pictures to use for the pfp


Happy DC Anniversary @Sean-Malloy! :partying_face::cake::tada::confetti_ball: It’s great to have you here, anytime you ask me a question, I enjoy answering them.:slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a great request, thanks :slight_smile:


no need for people to download anything; just go into profile, select the pic, and save


First, let’s take a look back at what was promised to us back in September 2020 when DC Universe Infinite was first announced:

Over 11 months into DC Universe Infinite here are the issues I’ve had so far:

The first thing promised on there was “Exclusive DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Original titles” and to my knowledge that has not happened. Going into the press release from September, 2020 it went on to say, “Also debuting on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will be DC Universe Infinite Originals, including new comic content centered around beloved characters.” Again, has that happened? If so please direct me to them because I’d love to read them! If it hasn’t happened that’s a pretty big whiff on a major tentpole promise to get people to sign up or maintain their subscription.

There were three things promised to us to “Feed Your Fandom” and they were:

  • Member access to DC Fan events
  • Special offers from DC SHOP
  • Chances to win access to exclusive events, DC merch, and more

Member access to DC Fan events
This started off strong with Q&A events here on the community boards for just us subscribers but it seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had one of those. In fact, over a month ago now we were prompted to ask questions to cast/crew of the upcoming ‘Peacemaker’ series and then that just never happened.

I’d like to see a Q&A at least once a month with SOMEONE in the DC Universe. A writer, an artist, an editor, an actor, a director…someone like the archivist (that was a very cool one). I’d also like to see some other DC Fan Events that only we have access to. A Zoom meeting Q&A, a virtual event, a website only we have access to - something.

Special offers from DC SHOP
The special offers that I was aware of were botched. Badly. The Justice League Funko figures were not available to us first and were sold out (to non-subscribers) before we got to them. The Superman/Kaskade offer was not even emailed to me until AFTER my exclusive window to get it before it was available to the public had expired. I don’t know of any other special offers from DC SHOP that were made available to us but I expected more than we have received. As to what improvements I’d like to see - I’d like to see one exclusive item available to us subscribers per month. It can range from something simple to something complex but I’d like to have items available to ONLY us that make people say, “Where’d you get that” and when I tell them DC Universe Infinite they should be jealous that I got it and immediately investigate how to subscribe so they can get the next one.

Chances to win access to exclusive events, DC merch, and more
To my knowledge this hasn’t happened yet. At all. Please correct me if I’m wrong, lord knows I don’t see all that happens on here and I may have missed it, but I don’t recall a single opportunity to win anything. There have been discounts on things but I haven’t seen an opportunity to win a free comic book, DVD, Blu-Ray, video game, item from the shop - nothing. This was literally one of the three things mentioned as a reason to subscribe when they announced DC Universe Infinite and I have yet to see any evidence of this. So for “what improvements you’d like to see”, I’d like to see some actual chances to win access to exclusive events, DC Merch and then we can work on the “more” part.

The common theme here is that I want being a member here to bring more than just access to digital comics. I want it to be a place where DC fanatics come to read comics, discuss comics, buy merchandise and, as a reward for being subscribers, they get access to things that are ONLY for them. Make people want to be a member here because they are tired of missing out on cool stuff, cool events, exclusive merchandise, etc.

I love this place but I want it to be more and I want it to fulfill the promises it made before it launched.


Let Them Live! was the one and only DCUI-exclusive comic that we got.

Another promise made/not kept was the one to expand DCUI globally by summer 2021.

Of all the things you mentioned, though, in my opinion, DCUI’s biggest problem is all of the errors (issues missing, issues out-of-order, issues that just plain don’t work), and the staff’s failure to correct those errors in a timely manner. Errors happen, and they’re surely annoying when they do, but when they don’t get fixed, then that becomes a bigger problem than the errors themselves. Additionally, DCUI has far more errors than DCU ever did, and the worst part is that there seem to be more and more new ones cropping up every week with each addition of new comics. The errors just keep piling up and never hardly ever get corrected, despite them being reported (sometimes multiple times). If there’s one thing, just one thing, that I would change about DCUI to make it a better service, it wouldn’t be the addition of more comics, or more bells and whistles added to the UI, it would simply be improving the error correction rate. If errors and problems got corrected within, say, two weeks (at the most) of being reported, I would be so, so, so much happier with DCUI. So, I am assigning this as a New Year’s Resolution for you, DCUI: Please do better with your error correction in 2022. Please. (I’m begging you.)


Yes, this continues to be problematic. Usually it works for me if I log out and log back in, but I do wish it was easier. I also agree with @NinjaSupes, it’s odd that you can change everything about your profile except your user icon from the community page, and it’s definitely confusing if you don’t know where else to look.

Since I just changed my icon and am having this same problem again, I guess it’s worth mentioning - was there ever a solution found to the way profile pics always upload blurry? This was a crystal clear picture, and then I uploaded it and it’s very fuzzy. I know it’s been mentioned before and it’s not a huge deal or anything, but it is disappointing.