📚 DCUI Ultra: What Are You Reading? 📚

The title’s a pretty straightforward query, so…what’s your poison (choice) of Ultra reads, right now?

During the first week of Ultra, I’ve checked out:

  • Chip Zdarsky’s Batman (Failsafe has been quite solid)
  • The Task Force XX arc of the current Harley Quinn ongoing (Task Force XX may go down as one of my favorite reads of 2022, as its a ton of fun)
  • Batman: Dear Detective
  • Ram V’s 'Tec
  • The Jurassic League
  • Dark Knights of Steel (read this as it came out from #s 1-5, but thanks to Ultra, I jumped back into it)
  • Black Adam (2022)
  • Olympus: Rebirth
  • Artemis: Wanted

What are you enjoying with Ultra?


I have read everything in the new Ultra releases list including subsequent issues, so Dark Crisis, Jurassic League, etc. I have also caught up on Superman:Son of Kal-el and read Robin among others.


Nice! :ok_hand:t2:

What do you think of Son of Kal-El, so far?


I am enjoying it. I love his interactions with Damian and Dick. Lex is villainous as ever.


I won’t spoil anything, but Son of Kal-El #16 is likely the best issue of the series (which ends with #18, in December). Whenever you get around to #16 (it’ll be here next month), I’d be curious to read your thoughts on it.

Regarding Superman-related schtuff that is in Ultra right now though, the entirety of Action Comics’ Warworld Saga (including the Superman: Warworld Apocalypse one-shot that wraps it up) is here.

That is an Epic of Epics (right, @moro? :wink:), and if you want more Superman after SOKE, I’d definitely recommend the Warworld Saga.


Up there with the best, in my opinion.


When something has @moro’s stamp of approval, one knows its a good read.


High praise coming from you, brother. Thank you :pray:


“No, sir. Don’t thank me. We’re all part of the same team.”

That said, you’re welcome, :superman:uper friend. :superman_hv_3:


I caught up on Jurassic League for the final issue. Now I am catching up on Flashpoint Beyond for the final issue (I bough several issues before I realized Google Books is now so much better than Amazon’s awful comic service).


The timing of Ultra was perfect, as I had recently gone back to digital for non-Superman books, and was using Kindle Comix (that’s what Comixology effectively became, so let’s just call a spade a “spade”) for a few books from last month.

I wasn’t really looking forward to using it for anything from this month, but luckily, Ultra came and now, I don’t have to kick a sheckle Kindle Comix’ way at all! :partying_face:

Yeah, I’ll still use Kindle Comix for Comixology Unlimited and other stuff not available here and elsewhere, but generally-speaking, I feel Ultra is the New Hotness™ on the digital scene for DC.


When this was announced there were calls on here for DC to make their own service to replace it. Ultra might be that.


fills up his Sherlock Holmes-ian Mr. Bubble pipe with Mr. Bubble, then moseys over to a window that looks out onto the DCUI veranda


blows bubbles

You might have something, there.


I’ve mostly been just reading the main Dark Crisis book, so I’m going to use this to read all the tie-ins that is going on with it.

Also going to use it to check out some other interseting books, like Duo, Sword of Azrael, New Champion of Shazam, Milestones in History, DC Mech, Batman: Fortress, and that’s just for starters.


D’oh! I forgot about Duo.

adds it to his list

I read TNCOS and DC: Mech 1 and 2 when they came out, but I’m in for the rest of their series on Ultra, along with all of the current and upcoming Milestone stuff (especially Icon vs. Hardware).

I’ve been curious about Batman: Fortress, so that’s on the list, too. Thanks for mentioning it.


Just read Superman space age and it’s chef kiss


Oh yes, Superman: Space Age is :kissing: :pinched_fingers:t2:, indeed.

Glad to have you onboard the Space Age train, and Ultra as well. :superman_hv_4:


Sure thing! Wouldn’t miss it!

| Vroom The Wildstorm Universe
October 17 |

  • | - |

Oh yes, Superman: Space Age is :kissing::pinched_fingers:t2:, indeed.

Glad to have you onboard the Space Age train, and Ultra as well. :superman_hv_4:


Finally reading World’s Finest. Haven’t been to a shop in the last six months. Been bananas. This is an excellent comic. I can’t read quickly, but imagine I’ll be caught up by tomorrow. I’m hooked.


Darn tootin’! DC’s best new ongoing of 2022.

sits back in the shadows, his hands together and pointing upward with his chin atop them as he says “Its working.”

Nah, I’m kidding. I don’t sit in the shadows. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m glad you’ve got a new comic vice, though! :superman_hv_4:

My new Ultra reads for this week:

:00_shazam: Black Adam #4

:0_harley_quinn: Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Special

:yin_yang: Batman-One Bad Day: Two-Face

:two: Duo #5

:superman: World’s Finest #7 (re-read)