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A collection of The Black Ring, featuring Action Comics (1938-2011) #s 890-900 would be great, especially since it features Death from Sandman (ka-ching, a TV tie-in opportunity! :superman_hv_4:), and it happens to be a highly-acclaimed, fan-favorite storyline deserving of a collection.


Gotcha! Thank you :slight_smile:


Allan Heinberg is the showrunner of The Sandman TV series, while also having been involved with the first DCEU Wonder Woman movie.

However…long before all of that, he wrote the Post-Infinite Crisis adventures of Wonder Woman in the “Who is Wonder Woman?” arc of the 2006-'11 volume of Wonder Woman.

This arc would be nice to have a collection of (especially if Heinberg’s The Sandman and DCEU Wonder Woman involvement could be credited within) and constitutes the following:

Thank you. :00_wonder_woman_stars:

SN: Mr. Heinberg’s first name is misspelled in the description for Wonder Woman #1. It should be “Allan”, not “Allen”. :slight_smile:


Thanks for requesting this collection, @Vroom! I’ve actually been meaning to read this arc for a while. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, and thank you for logging the request, Hero of Oa. :00_lc_green_lantern:


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…sources say that it will soon be a featured read from the Justice League Book Club.

I’ll tag you in the thread, and then you can read and comment about it as you’re able.

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This is semi off-topic but is there a similar thread for requests - but for print releases?

I’m asking because DC seems to be skipping some of James Tynion’s Batman paperbacks (Vol. 3 and 4 are missing, it goes straight from Vol. 2 to 5; so 3 and 4 will be hardcover-only) and I was wondering if that was intentional or an oversight.

If there’s another thread I’d be happy if someone could point me to it. I couldn’t find anything.

To clarify, nowadays DC often releases paperbacks 12 months after the hardcover release. Here’s an overview showing that Vol. 3 and 4 seem to be skipped. (I found the 2023 release dates for Vol. 5 and “Fear State Saga” on Amazon.)

Volume Hardcover Release Softcover Release
Batman Vol. 1: Their Dark Designs October 2020 November 2021
Batman Vol. 2: The Joker War February 2021 February 2022
The Joker War Saga February 2021 February 2022
Batman Vol. 3: Ghost Stories June 2021 not solicited yet - definitely hasn’t been released in June 2022
Batman Vol. 4: The Cowardly Lot September 2021 not solicited yet - unlikely to be released in September 2022
Batman Vol. 5: Fear State March 2022 March 2023
Fear State Saga April 2022 April 2023

I am not sure if this is the right place for this. There is a DC Black Label collection but only has a small portion of the DCBL books. In the Browse Comics section, there is an option to search by imprint. DCBL has a different selection of books with some crossover. Is it possible to have one place for all DCBL books?


I would probably take this more as a pain point concerning DCBL organization — something that I’d be happy to pass along to our team for awareness, absolutely!


I would like some trade paperback reprint collections of the following series and mini-series:

  1. Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! #1-20 and the Oz-Wonderland War mini-series (I know there’s a Showcase Presents tpb in B & W, but I want all of those issues in color)
  2. The Shadow War of Hawkman mini-series (1985)
  3. Hawkman complete series that followed (1986-87/ 17 issues, I think)
  4. Blue Beetle complete series (1986-88) in color
  5. Super Powers third and final mini-series in color (only the first two mini-series have been reprinted)
  6. Red Tornado mini-series (1987)
  7. Green Arrow mini-series (1983)
  8. Ambush Bug (both 1980’s mini-series and the special in color, as well as his earliest appearances in Superman comics)
    I can come up with more later. Is there any chance that any of these series will be reprinted in color trade paperbacks soon? If so, when?

Hey @knight1024.18233, welcome to the community! :partying_face:

Thank you for all of these fabulous requests - we’ll get them passed along to the correct team. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if any of these series will be reprinted in color trade paperbacks any time soon (and if they were being reprinted, when they would be), but keep your eye out and feel free to let us know if there are any other collections you’d like to see! :male_detective:

Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything. :batparrot:


To honor the recently-passed Carlos Pacheco, a collection of his and writer Kurt Busiek’s Camelot Falls story from the pages of Superman v1 would be highly appreciated.

Camelot Falls can be found in…

  • Superman (1939-2011) #s 654-658, 662-664 and 667
  • Superman Annual #13.

Thank you.


Thank you for the requests :slight_smile:


Jumping on points for the Bronze Age


I recently noticed this lovely collection on the DCUI homepage:

For that, I offer a very-appreciative “Thank you for recognizing that tale’s 25th anniversary.” :slight_smile:


Jack Kirby’s issues of The Losers, please.


Thanks for the request, @ken.cramercohen.12391! I’ve passed it along. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Hello @Moderators,
Can you guys please add the graphic Novels of The Batman Adventures Vol. 1-4 & Nightwing Rising (The Batman Adventures:The Lost Years) & Batman & Robin Adventures Vol 1-3 please. And Thankyou so much. :grinning:


Thanks for the requests, @Lincolnfan78! I’ve got these noted down for the team. :+1:


Can someone assemble all of the Armageddon 2001 annuals into a storyline collection?