DCUI: Comic Book Collection Requests 📚

Hi there! Welcome to the DCUI gang. Glad to have ya!

In regards to your question, we have plenty on the Legion of Super-Heroes! If there’s any particular issue/collection you’re looking for that you don’t see there, feel free to specify which one it is and I’ll note it as a request. :slightly_smiling_face:

Otherwise, if you have any other general new kid questions/concerns that don’t have a place to be asked in the forums, feel free to shoot me or any other @moderators a private message! We’ll be happy to help.

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I know that there is already an Endless Winter collection (from the December 2020 Justice League Endless Winter storyline), but it only seems to include the Endless Winter one-shots/specials, and not the tie-ins from the regular line books (Flash #767, Aquaman #66, Justice League #58, and Justice League Dark #29). Could these latter four books be added to the collection, as they are required reading for the event?


Thanks for pointing this out, @carmen_elende.21026! I’ve passed it along to let the team know. :slight_smile:

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