DCUI Android App Community Not Working Correctly

Any one else having issues opening up the community section on the app? Every time I click on the community section it directs me to the online site, from there I have to log on again, then I have to go back in the app. If I click on another section after that…I get logged out of the community section on the web app again but I am able to stay logged in on the DCUI app to read the comics. Just a hassle from the app to get to the community section.



The community is no longer a part of the app, it’s a standalone service on the website. The best way to access it would be to login to community.dcuniverseinfinite.com and then bookmark the page so that you can easily return to it later instead of having to hop between apps!

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oh wow, i was not aware. thank you for the info.


Not a problem! :slight_smile:

Hi. I am having issues with the app on my fire 10 tablet. The home page and comics section is not loading any content. Also the app is labeled as dc universe not DC infinite.

Can’t see what I’m typing on android unless I keep flipping back and forth with the keyboard up and down. It’s also frustrating having to log on every single time I access the community with my phone.


I have an Android Galaxy 9.

I had the same problem

Recently there was an update to DC Universe Infinite.

From there I can use the More button at the bottom. It has Community has an option and automatically logs me in

If I link from
DC comics . Com
I have to log in each time
To Community

Likewise if I access Community directly.

The keyboard problem was also fixed in the recent update

I started having issues yesterday on my Android getting logged out after leaving my browser and the keyboard issue @ijest mentioned. I wasn’t having any issues until yesterday, I just kept the bookmark to access the community but now it’s become buggy and problematic to use

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I have paid my dues and I can’t access anything. I hate DC INFINITE.

Hey Don,

Please ensure that you’ve updated your mobile app to the latest version of DCU Infinite, otherwise you’ll likely find difficulties accessing the service. If you still find that you are unable to access anything, please reach out to our support team. They’ll take care of you!

Hello @Moderators, sometime when I read comments, either mine or somebody’s avatar picture would disappear. I’m using a Samsung tablet, thought I let you know.

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This is a known issue! We discovered this in the OH on Tuesday. (I’m also seeing the same problem on my desktop). Thanks for the report though! It helps us to see how many people are experiencing the issue :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue on my android as everyone else is. It makes me log in every time when I try to access the community on my phone but it routes me to the app. So I have only been able to to view the community from my DCUI App for the last couple days.

I haven’t had a log in issue on my computer though. Just my android phone. (I use Google Chrome on both)


This is also a known issue we discovered during Office Hours: DCUI is Dissolving Edition! Thank you for the extra report though! :slight_smile:


Update- the following issues have been reported as fixed:

  • The banners borking and filling the page
  • The formatting icons disappearing

The following is currently in progress, but you may not see progress for another week:

  • broken icons

The following is in progress, and we do not yet have an ETA:

  • Login issues

Please keep letting us know if you see any issues!

The best way to help us get these resolved when you report these issues is to provide us the platform, model, and browser you are using :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hello @moderators, I don’t know if this is a issues or not, but just in case it is, sometimes when posting a comment the saving takes more then 20 seconds I think…

And after it’s finally done…

It comes out with two post. It doesn’t happen all the time, maybe once in a while. It really doesn’t bother me. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m using Samsung Galaxy A Tablet.

Sometimes just now the pictures crashes.

Ruh roh- thank you RF, we’ll keep an eye on this! We’ve let the devs know comment loading is delayed, but the picture thing is new :eyes:


@moderators looks like I can’t upload media files on mobile either.
I’m using an Android Xiaomi 9 lite and chrome, everything’s updated but I’m having the login issue, the hidden keyboard, and unable to post photos.

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@cici , thank you for reporting this- we have a LOT of issues last week, and have updated with many fixes. Can you please confirm if you are still experiencing any of these issues?

Some folks have seen fixes when they uninstall/reinstall the app to trigger the updates.