DCUBC - Girl Power! YEAR ONE

:birthday: Greetings! This week marks YEAR ONE of DCU Book Club - Girl Power! Once a month, taking the place of a week of our regular book club, we focus on the wonderful ladies of the DCU. Whether they are heroes or villains, Girl Power! selections are all about them.

To celebrate Year One, we added an honorary #dcubc-girl-power tag to our DCUBC week 10 topic: Vixen.

Vixen, Return of the Lion (2008) was covered in DCUBC before Girl Power was officially established. The positive response to her solo book was the spark that lead to our monthly highlight of DC women: DCUBC - Girl Power!

:fast_forward: :soon: :telescope: SNEAK PEEK at Year Two:

To expand the number of women we highlight, we will sometimes cover books that do not have a female lead in the title. This gives us an avenue to potentially discuss and read trailblazers like: Celsius, Jessica Cruz, and Solstice, etc. that do not yet have a solo title, and are important to the DC Universe. We’re looking forward to Year Two!

:bouquet: Special thanks to DCUBC founder and host, @MattMcDonald , for his vision, support, and positivity - it’s an honor to work with him! Girl Power would not exist without him.

:bouquet: Another special thanks to DCU for their support and encouragement of this effort, and to Sam Humphries for providing fun answers to our questions during our Harley Quinn discussion .

:bouquet::bouquet::bouquet: And the biggest thanks of all goes to YOU, the readers! THANK YOU to everyone for your support and for making this monthly event a success! We simply could not do it without you. Your enduring support, fun comments, and thoughtful replies make book club the event I look forward to every week! :blue_heart:

  • Did you have a favorite #dcubc-girl-power book or moment from Year One?

  • Are you looking forward to our plans for Year Two?

Let us know in the comments!

:eyes: Looking for this month’s Girl Power selection? Click here for week 69: BLACK CANARY


So proud of Girl Power! @JLWWSM is the best thing to happen to DCUBC. You’re excitement and passion continues to inspire me to be a better host. Here’s to another year of GP!!

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Awww, I have happy tears now! Thank you so much!

Even though I joined book club a little late my favorite girl-power book was Harley Quinn because it was a great read and we got to ask Sam H. questions so that will always stick out to me.

Yes it will be awesome to read more great stories along the lines of Jessica Cruz and others that should also be included in the girl-power read-alongs. Can’t wait to read more about the awesome ladies in DC.

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Hi @Lecouch84!
The Sam Humphries one is near and dear to my heart! It was so fun!

I’m happy to hear the excitement for the new year and all the discussion opportunities that lie ahead :partying_face:

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