DCUBC-Epics: JONAH HEX, All Star Western (2011-)

NOW THIS HERE’S A WESTRN’ !!! Ah reckon the year is in the 1880s, so here’s whut ya can expect: Guns, Violence, Outlaws, “the Law”, Saloons, Showdowns, Sass-Talk, Humor, and the most na’torious Bounty Hunter in the Old West! If’n you go on this adventure, yore in fer a show! Git yer hats and giddy up, ya little polecats!


Greetings and welcome to DCU Book Club - Epics! JONAH HEX, All Star Western (2011-).

DCUBC-Epics hosts the reading and discussion of complete series. From May 29th to June 30th we’ll read approximately two volumes of All Star Western per week (the last week of June will be our catch up week). With summer quickly approaching, now’s a great time to saddle up and head to the old west!

:information_source: DISCUSSION TIPS
• Stop by to share your thoughts, reactions, and answers to discussion questions as you read the story.
• Spoiler comments are welcome, but please refrain from spoiling issues AHEAD of the discussion schedule below.
• If your comments are issue-specific, add the issue number in your comment.
• Writing your reaction to the reading in an old-western dialect is WELCOME!


• Issues 1-6, Volume 1 Guns and Gotham
• Issues 7-12, Volume 2 The War of Lords and Owls


  1. Is this your first time reading All Star Western (2011-)?
  2. What’s your favorite old-western word or phrase?
  3. What was your favorite moment in Issues 1-12?
  4. Who was your favorite character in Issues 1-12?

• Issues 1-12 (continued) PLUS:
• Issues 0, 13-16, Volume 3 The Black Diamond Probability
• Issues 17-21, Volume 4 Gold Standard

5) How does Dr. Arkham make you feel?
6) Were you surprised by any part of Jonah’s origin story (Issue 0)?
7) Who has a better chance of thriving: Booster Gold in the 1880s or Jonah Hex in present-day Gotham?

• Issues 1-12, 0, 13-21 (continued) PLUS:
• Issues 22-28, Volume 5 Man Out of Time
• Issues 29-34, Volume 6 End of the Trail

8) What was your favorite moment when Jonah visits the future (our present)?
9) Do you think Tallulah is a good match for Jonah Hex? Why or why not?
10) Which DC characters were you most surprised to see in the series?
11) Jonah changes in many ways by the end of the series. What event do you think had the biggest impact on him?

*Share your thoughts and reactions to the reading right here in this thread! There is a LOT we can unpack together in the comments.

**IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME :hourglass_flowing_sand:
Tip 1: If you get behind schedule during the first weeks of reading, no worries! Discussion remains open through the last week of June to catch up on Jonah Hex-goodness!

Tip 2: Skip the secondary story, if you must. The secondary stories are compelling and build the world the story is set in, but if you need to skip them to save time, you’ll still be able to understand and follow Hex’s adventures.

Tip 3: Pace yourself each week. For example, read 3 issues per night for four nights, 4 issues per night for three nights, or 2 issues per night for 6 nights, etc.

Longer reads don’t fit your schedule? Check out our weekly DCUBC which highlights a story arc from a variety of characters every week.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Feel free to reach out to me via email at JLonDCU@gmail.com

Whatcha’ waitin’ fer? - Giddyup! :horse:


Yeehaw I got my six shooter


Walks into the saloon and over to the bar. The sounds of his spurs making “ching” sounds as each boot clad footstep lands upon the hardwood floor

leans against the bar and smiles, like a proper gentleman ought do Well, howdy ma’am. I could use a good sarsaparilla if you’ve got it. is handed his drink Thank ya kindly. puts a coin on the counter to pay

I’ve read that there All-Star Western, mmhmm. The whole of it too. takes a drink of sarsaparilla That Jonah Hex is a macho hombre, lemme tell ya. I wouldn’t cross irons with him, no ma’am. That whole Black Diamond Probability was a different kinda thing from what rumors have swelled out fr’m it. So says the Palimotti and Gray Bunch at least. That there Gotham binness with the Court of Owls folk? shivers Good thing Gotham ain’t my kinda town. No ma’am it tain’t a’tall.

My fav’rit lingo of the day? Shoot, I’d say “reckon” or “tarnation” are in my verbal wheelhouse. Truth be told though, finishes his drink and sets the bottle on the counter I think I like “tarnation” the most, I reckon.

Welp, I best be heading out. Batlash done told me about this fellah he met, a buckaroo that goes by the name of “Booster Gold”. Sounds like a city slicker and my kind of feller. S’posed to be from the future too. Keeps on telling us about fancy horseless carriages too.

Much obliged for the beverage and kind ear ma’am. tips hat, smiles and ching-chings out of the bar.


Just a standing ovation for that Western speak!


There should be at least one use of the word "tincture "


We gotta giddy up on this 'un. There’s a young beauty with eyes like cactus flowers who told me, "Jonah strides on two paths. That’ll spark caution. "


I like the western story. I’m looking forward to reading this. I have to admit that I like the Jonah Hex movie cause it had President Grant.:grin:




I join @Mae in the standing ovation all the old western talk on this thread and hope to hear lots more of it!

I’m go’one git started on issue 1 tonight! YeeHaw!


As a child, I practiced my quick draw and spin move in case the bad guys were behind me. I’m in.


I have always been a fan of Western novels. Max Brand and Zane Gary are two of my favorite authors but this will be my first time reading a western style comic book and my first time joining the book club should be fun.

“Howdee Folks! Lookin’ forward to crossin’ the great plains of the DCU and havin’ some mighty fine adventures with y’all! YEEHAW!!!”


Reckon we’ll get the old Weird Western issues, here? Some old school Jonah Hex?


There aint enough people in this town for the both of us!! Or maybe there is! Time to get my cowboy hat on.


Me too! =)
My mother LOVED westerns - especially Calamity Jane. So that’s were my appreciation for westerns originated. Glad to have ya’!

Howdy! Welcome to book club! We’ll be traveling through some rough terrain on this here adventure - it’ll be fun

@JontheVicar and @dogwelder9
Howdy! I reckon we could =)
@Mods? Any input for @JontheVicar’s question?

There is plenty of room in this here town! If’n ya’ can, I sure hope you join us!

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‘Tis a nice night for cozyin’ up by the ol’ fire and readin’ under the stars as they stretch out over the ponderosa.

Don’t forget yer plug’a tabacky neither. The latest science from Dr. Pinfeathers says tabacky is good fer what ails ya.


It’s sure is @Vroom!

Issue 1
Wheee daw’gie! This is exactly how I expect a western to kick off!

Outlaws: “You shouldn’t be in bandits’s roost alone!”
Jonah: “Ah ain’t alone… Ah got two friends with me!”

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Issue 1
Saloon fight already! Git’ em Jonah!

Also, poor Belle.

I like the detective vibe of this issue.

@ReaganFan78 This issue mentions a “Mayor Cobblepot!” :wink:


Issue 2 (expand photo) “Evenin’ boys”

It’s 'bout to go down!!!

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@JontheVicar and @JLWWSM, while I can not make any promises, I will absolutely pass the request for the old Weird Western issues to the team. :slight_smile:

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Thank ya, kindly :cowboy_hat_face:

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Let’s give some love to the colorist on this book. Issue 1 is mainly Browns and greys with red accents. The opening shot of Gotham feels like an early industrial revolution city, crowded, dirty and as we find out dangerous, with the red skull face in the smoke cloud . Really sets the tone forward the book.
Also, this issue just screams “make me a tv show”
I’ll be moseying back to work now.