I just gotta say, I love the new update! So many great comics! I dont have a comic shop nearby so having this app has been great, I’ve read alot of comics and watched alot of animated movies ive never watched before! Makes me happy I pay for this app, anybody else agree?? Btw batman rebirth is fantastic


Catching up on DCU Young Justice Behind The Scenes, Daily, Reign Of Superman! So much content


Yea, I think DC Universe is moving in the right direction. You can tell that they have listened to everyone’s suggestions for the service. For instance, they added the skip intro button for tv shows. They also started adding full volumes of the rebirth comics (previously that had some that were just the 1st issue of newer comics which was annoying). I hope they keep listening and keep improving the app :slight_smile:


Yes! It’s still new but they are making it better and better with each update

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