I heard a rumor CW could potentially add these dcu shows in with arrow and Flash for a more pg setting. Is this a good or bad idea? What could they gain and what could they lose?

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Definitely a bad idea. The shows would have to be completely rebooted to keep the tone in line with regular television. Teen Titans would certainly lose the gore, and Swamp Thing would have a lighter tone. I haven’t seen Doom Partrol bar 2 episodes, but it would definitely lose some of the language. They would 't be the same shows.

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Where did you hear this rumor?

I think they should have a multiverse thing, like show a brief glimpse of each other during one episode while a hole is somehow opened to another world, but not a full-on shared universe or crossover. This would have them both each be their own separate thing, while make the DC tv seem like a multiverse.

Bad idea The audience for CW is Not necessarily the same Audience you have for the DCU. Combining the two programs just got a piss one of these groups off


Doom Patrol & Swamp Thing, even Titans are niche market shows. (I’m sure some don’t want to hear that).

I highly doubt that CW has an interest in picking up any of them. They are “hardcore fan” shows. Not general population shows. If they were, CW would have done them in the first place. There is more money to be made there. CW doesn’t want or need them.


I think if the cursing wasn’t so overly used, and maybe the violence was justified instead of it being there for shock value…They wouldnt be considering that.

CW and DCU should agree to a balance rather than either or. Honestly when a show oversells itself in gore, sex, and language it seems more like a compensation for something rather than an enhancement.


Swamp Thing would be good if only because the CW could have a cross over with Matt Ryan’s version of Constantine.


I think that some of the MA content is there to get it “out of their system”. The “Hey, we can finally do X, so let’s do it.”

I think we’ll see a TV-14 for Stargirl. That is would make sense for the character as well.


I love what the CW has done with their shows and can’t wait till fall when they start to release again, but I don’t think the just as good DCU shows would really fit into that universe. Knowing that the DCU shows are more mature than the CW ones it wouldn’t make sense to have all of the DCU shows to stop swearing and stuff so that the ratings would be the same and be able to make them the same universe.

The DCU shows are great because they can do more with the different ratings. I feel like if Doom Patrol was rated PG-14 it wouldn’t be as funny as it is with all of the swearing and stuff, it would be cool to see it, but they can do better on their own. Plus we don’t even have a connection between Swamp Thing in the DCU shows anyway.

I don’t find a lot of things about CW to be remotely tantalizing anymore.

But I still watch it because I’m already 8 seasons in ya know? I’ve learned to deal with the CW musk.

8 or more seasons in (arrowverse as a whole)


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They cry too much on the CW lol whimp sht

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I would love to have the shows connected. The CW will always have to have a lower rating. However, you could keep each show where it began and have crossovers. Like, Swamp Thing could have appeared on Legends, Arrow’s Deathstroke could have been brought to Titans. That wayb Swampy could be toned down for CW viewers and Deathstroke could be amped up for DCU viewers. Every show would have its own identity and every show would not have to conform to the other’s system. Just imagine if the forthcoming Crisis were to involve the DCU shows as well…