DCU "The Question" Release Notes + Member Survey - June, 2020

DCU “The Question” Release Notes + Member Survey - June, 2020

What is the meaning of all this?! The Question, aka Vic Sage, is a detective and investigative reporter on the lookout for truth, philosophical meaning, and a good conspiracy theory now and then. In this latest DC Universe release, we seek to help you collect clues by creating the “Save A Collection” feature!

We’re also looking for key witnesses to our “Lists” feature- let us know what you see by taking our User Lists Survey, so we can improve and expand with YOU in mind!


  • An updated comic book library flow with our new Save-A-Collection feature. Simply click “Save” from any collection detail page, and find the collection stored in your favorites, and as a row in your MY DC library.
    Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 10.25.43 AM
  • We hope you’re digging our brand new Rewards program! To help, we’ve knocked out a few bugs to get the feature into tip-top shape.
  • “Sort by” on Comic Browse now reflects the date the book was print published.
  • Are you an avid comic book reader? Help improve DC Universe for future releases! Take our survey about how you Make Lists on DC Universe.

By being able to Save Collections and investigate the crucial List function of DC Universe, The Question release will be an important contribution to finding the objective truths within DC’s mysteries. :male_detective:


Yes! I will definitely be using that Save a Collection function. That’s super convenient. I always used to have to look up the collection every time. Thanks for the quality of life improvements :slight_smile:


Cool. Survey has been answered. :+1:


Does that mean you are improving lists real soon?

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I’ve been looking for more information on a PS4 app run? Any chance we shall see it this year? Lol my Xbox is taken over by a small child with a laugh similar to Mistah J’s when I request it to watch Harley on tv :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I primarily read DCU on my Roku, which doesn’t have that “List” feature, just favorites, unless something changed really recently and I just missed it.

I’ve got a list or two on my pc, but I use it so much less often than my Roku, it’s hardly worthwhile to develop the lists very much, so they’re very small compared to my favorites - which I use just as much as a “Read Later” list as I do a “Favorites” list!


The save a collection feature is gonna be so handy! I love seeing the development of this service—thanks for working so hard, everyone! :superman_hv_4:


Lists are one thing that always frustrated me and it looks like they are going to be more user friendly in the near future! I do like the save a collection feature and have already used it!


WoW! :open_mouth:
Great news! And so timely, I’m on a road trip and left my spreadsheet at home. Now I can use the save a collection option on my reader. :+1:


If I add a collection and then a new issue gets added to it does that automatically add it to my list?

Hope to see lists improved soon. You should be able to customize the order of the comics, see which issues have already been read, etc.


Yesss! Save the collection function will be a great help! I’ve been just creating lists with collections in them but now I wont have to do that! So happy :smile:

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I actually just started creating lists so this survey was serendipitous.

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Awesome addition. I added a lot of favorite collection on my list.

Please add Geoff Jonhs’ Green Lantern run. Not just what Johns’ wrote but what other writers added on to the Jonhs’ Green Lantern run arc

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It seems quite a few of of my progress bars have disappeared/reset with the new update. I’m writing of the comic book progress bars that were added as a stopgap in lieu of “read” indicators on the cover thumbnails. Was there some kind of inadvertent rollback? And since I’m on the subject: any status on the future of “read” indicators? Thanks for your time, y’all are doing amazing work with the app!


I definitely wish that there was an option to save the collections to any list we create and not just to favorites.

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Definitely feeling these lists.

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so am I