DCU Thank you for more issues of Superman!

I have been saying for a while that the original Superman series needs more issues on here, as the 1st and last issue of it were both great, but a title with that history deserved something other then those two issues.

Well DCU has answered my wishes. I see that they now have most (if not all not sure) of O’Neil’s run on Superman… some of the Bonze Ages best stuff, as well as some other Bronze Age Superman comics from that title and some Crisis on Inifinite Earth crossover books. A very welcome addition.

Now, obviously I would like more… heck for that tile there could never be enough (short of all of them. lol) but realistically I get they can only add so much, but am glad to see some shining examples have finally been added.

Props to DCU!


time to start reading some more superman for my self

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I had a class taught by Denny O Neil at NYU (One of my threads contained his class notes)

Like Many refugees from Marvel to DC, he didn’t have any choice on what titles to write for and they included Superman and Justice League. Although he liked working with editor Julie Schwartz especially in cover/ plot sessions, he disliked these titles very much, because of how powerful the heroes were.

He was so glad when he got to write his famous Batman and Green Arrow/Green Lantern stories.


Thread was

Learn how to write fan fiction.

Just search write fan fiction

Denny’s notes are at the bottom as links

If links un useable because of iphone, Google Bleeding Cool Denny O Neil class

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Yes, I saw this too! I figured most of this week’s new books were Batman oriented, so I was very happy to see O’Neil’s Superman in the mix.

More classic material + it being Superman related= Happy Me =)


Yeah I wondered if the announced Knightfall etc Batman comics and the large Detective Comics Rebirth were going to be it myself. I thought there might be more but that was a LOT of comic books from multiple titles so was not sure. Was pleasantly surprised to find more Superman also added. Definitely another A+ update.


Awesome! I’ve been waiting for more classic Superman!


I was knocked off for 2 months. I could only get on thru my Apple TV device. It cut words off etc. but I read loads of Superman on it, glad to be back hopefully I won’t get bumped off again. Agree 100% tho the Superman additions are great reads.


@djd187.81432 Superman makes everything better.


@DTMO1 no argument here.




Swan and Anderson never looked so good! This Bronze Age run (and there’s a lot more to be added) ranks right up there with the Byrne/Wolfman/Ordway/Jurgens run of the late '80s and '90s. These are some of the most beautiful comic books the industry has ever produced. BRAVO DCU!

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We’re glad to hear that you’re excited about the new additions! :blush: