DCU Superman Book Club Week 9: The Wedding of Lois and Clark

The Lois & Clark episode is…well…goofy. It makes some references to recent plots, especially the fake-out wedding that had occurred a season prior. (The episode engages in a little metahumor to reassure us that it’s the real deal this time.) They’re ultimately married by Bosley, who is an angel himself for once. Delta Burke is designing mayhem for the wedding as revenge for something that happened in an unseen previous encounter with Lois and Clark, and what else can you expect from a villain whose shrink is Roger Rabbit? If the tabloid journalist’s voice sounds Strange-ly familiar, it’s because he played one of Batman’s earliest foes in an episode of BTAS.

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Delta Burke has always played annoying characters, and L&C was no exception.

Charles Fleischer (no relation to Dave or Max, but nice to see another Fleischer talent in the Superman fold) telling her to shut up in his Roger Rabbit voice would have been hilarious.

The best part of the wedding episode was the actual, real wedding when it finally occured. It was sweet, genuine and acted quite well.

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Raining this morning, so run time was on the treadmill watching L&C. Considering the constraints in budget, format and SFX, this wedding episode is great goofy fun. And not because of Delta and the other throwaway protagonists, but because of Teri and Dean’s charm and willingness to lean into the silly fun.
Loved the multiple mentions of fake weddings and “riots in the streets” if don’t actually get married this time.
Now Mike, am I wrong to think he’s supposed to be a more benign Mxy? The magical powers, the interest in Superman, and that Mxy like smile in the final picture.

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@msgtv You know, I’m not sure what Mike’s deal is. He did strike me as a Mxy-esque kind of guy.

He’s no Gilbert Gottfried though. Ol’ Gil is my favorite Mxy.

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The wedding certificate indicated that Mike was from heaven.

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In The Wedding Album, specifically on the last page, are assorted DC staffers from the Superman team (mostly).

Has anyone identified them all? I’m fairly certain Jon Bogdanove is in the foreground.

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Just finished the comic section. Overall, The Wedding Album itself was really good, I like that it felt like a legit human drama without too much superheroics, and even when we got to more outlandish stuff, it felt less superhero and more like spy/espionage story. In this, the hero isn’t Superman, the costumed strongman, but the heroes were Lois and Clark, intrepid reporters. That’s a really cool way to mix things up.

The rest of it was…kinda bad. The first issue with Lois in the Himilayas was really boring and obvious, the issue with Superboy was sloppy and didn’t really explain what was going on, and the Action Comics issue had literally the most useless flashback I have ever read, possibly because it feels like takes up half the issue. The Man of Steel comic did make up for it a bit, if not just for Lois getting all badass (and dare I say, sexy) with her Rambo gear.

Now onto the episode…I get the feeling I’ll need some popcorn, if not just to throw it at the TV when something cringeworthy happens.


Alexander I like my completely wrong answer better.

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Okay, a minute in I’m already laughing, so I decided I’m gonna do a live-blog of watching this.

– I have to admit, I was worried that we were immediately getting an amnesia plot, like maybe this happened on the last minute of the last episode and we’d get a whole episode of “you have to remember the love we have for each other!” Thank Rao that’s not happening. Yet.

– “The Wedding Destroyer? Huh, is that one of the regular villains who busted their last attempt at a-- wait, there was a literal ‘Wedding Destroyer?’ And she’s actually blowing up her jail cell – SOMEHOW – to ruin their wedding? …HAHAHAHAHAHAHA–!”

– Just so I’m not all negative, I do like the theme music, it feels evocative of the John Williams theme without being a carbon copy.

– Is it weird to anyone else that Lois and Clark are apparently media celebrities? Like, I get that with her being attached to Superman she might be popular, but…weirdly this is harder for me to swallow than the fact that he’s an alien that happens to look human who can fly and shoots heat lasers out of his eyeballs.

– …Okay, could someone please explain who the coffee guy was. Is he a character from the show? Is that someone from one of the past shows/movies as a cameo? I am legit lost.

– I did like the moment of Clark using his heat vision to mess up the paparazzi’s camera.

– Oh man, the Wedding Destroyer and her creepy scientist(?) FWB legit make Batman '66 villains look legit. Just…what is their DEAL?

– Man, it must be nice to have a boss like Perry who’s willing to let you do your own personal stories to save your wedding reception and not your actual job.

– This paparazzi reporter is straight stupid. Like all he wants is an exclusive interview with this felon, when anyone with a brainstem would be able to figure out that he probably helped to contribute to what’s at best criminal mischief and at worst terrorism. And his response to this is “Cool?” Oh god, ten minutes in and I’m already choking on ham.

– “He was…a man.” Well, yeah, this was the 90s, not really known for being so progressive.

– Second time this coffee guy shows up. …Is this supposed to be God? The music is giving me that impression.

– Nunk’s face when being electrocuted legit reminded me of the shocked Pikachu meme. Heheh…shocked.

– So the photographer watches this, tells Superman about everything that happened…except for the ring that is the very source of their plan to destroy the wedding? It’s not like he didn’t hear it, they explicitly told him to wear the ring and even made an awful pun about it.

– …You know, I think scenes like the awkward pause during Jimmy’s “happiness destroyer” crack is probably why he’s not that well regarded outside of comics. Just…pure comedy cancer.

– The urge for Dean Cain not to wink when Perry asked if Superman was around must have been real.

– Who knew Jimmy knew how to play the organ?

– I guess it’s good that instead of using Superman to save the day (which frankly would be extreme overkill with these couple of fruit-bags, even Ambush Bug could take them with one hand tied around his back) it was Clark Kent using the truth and empathy to have Myrtle give up.

– So Mike is…a guardian angel? Who knows everyone? And has them get married somewhere in an…oasis, or something?


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“What are your thoughts on the TV version of Lois and Clark’s nuptials?”

In case you couldn’t tell, I thought the TV version was straight up hot garbage. Like, everything the comic did right, this show did the exact opposite. It was trite, it was badly-attempted camp, it was saccharine, the message of love and all that felt hollow and fake and like they don’t even believe it. It sucked.

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@Jay_Kay Tell us how you really feel =)

I admit, I emitted a “Huh?” when the President wished them well. He certainly didn’t have anything better to do than call up two reporters from a great metropolitan newspaper and say “Good luck kids!”.

To me, it’s all part of L&C’s charm. Yeah, it’s goofy and silly but we all know the comics have their share of bewildering oddities, so why not TV too?


I’ll be posting to the calendar once I return from Chicago area.

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