DCU Superman Book Club Week 3: Look, Up In The Sky! It's Superboy!

@Lincolnfan78 I agree wholeheartedly. Lex is just a bald, insecure, evil, weiner.

Penguins are cute though, so here, have one buddy. :penguin: :slightly_smiling_face:


:grinning:Well I’m ready to give my report on Superboy, so here we go!

  1. My favorite story of Connor was when he saw a girl on a bridge to fix her bike, she accidentally fell in a river when she lost her temper, as he was about to save her, Krypto came to her rescue. I think she was more thankful for the dog then Connor who was about to save her!
  2. The first time I ever heard of Superboy was the 60s cartoon starring Bob Hasting who later voice Commissioner Gordon. As for the favorite Superboy series it would be the TV show, just Kidding! It would be Smallville. Does Smallville count as a Superboy series with Clark not wearing a costume?
  3. My favorite Superboy has to be Jon Kent, I’m really enjoy reading the Adventures of Supersons with him and Damien Robin story. They make a great team! Who knows maybe someday he’ll be the next Superman! :superman_hv_4:
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@Lincolnfan78 While I don’t see it that way, I suppose that technically, Smallville could be considered Superboy-esque, at least for the episodes where Clark’s in the titular setting. Once he hits the big M though, it’s time for him to man up!

I’m a fan of the Superboy segments from Filmation’s The New Adventures of Superman too. I wonder if Bob Hastings has ever been interviewed about Superboy if/when he did press for BTAS. :thinking:

Thanks for chiming in, Gipper! :+1: :penguin:

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pushes up taped glasses

Ahem! Clark was still Superboy when he first attended Metropolis University! He stayed that way until…

literally pulls a book off the shelf and flips to the story

…his sophomore year, according to Superman #125. At that time, Professor Maxwell began to suspect that Clark was Superboy, so he subjected him to a series of tests, culminating in a lie detector test. Clark passed the test by abandoning his Superboy persona and seeing himself instead as Superman.

So…um…there? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Actually, we were talking about the Smallville iteration of Clark Kent, and whether he could, via technicality, be considered Superboy But Not Superboy ™.

Now, in the immortal words of The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy: “Make like my pants, and split.” :yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I consider Smallville as a Superboy iteration. I also have to finish the last 2.5-ish seasons. The suit should come when he becomes Superman, not necessarily before.


I agree that the suit should come when Clark becomes Superman, but having consumed a decent amount of Superboy content as a kid, I’m also nostalgically partial to him being super before he became super.

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This is a beautifully rendered, heartfelt and slyly funny series. First, I’m completely on board with ghost numbering so we see how many issues of Adventure Comics have come before.
Everyone loves the Krypto rescue

I don’t want to be your Lana Lang is a great line

Really touching talk between Tim and Conner


Agreed on the ghost/legacy numbering – I wish more books had those – it’s a good way to have the other volumes to make it easier to understand when a run/era stops and ends, and it shows the history of the book/character.


Maybe this is the optimist in me, but I’d like to believe these issues had an influence on how Conner and Krypto were conceived for Titans.

In reading these issues, I can hear the voice of Superboy from the show. Krypto is also just as much of a scene stealer in these books as he was on Titans.

If Tim ever shows up on Titans, I bet he’ll bear a strong resemblance to how Johns wrote him in Teen Titans and here in Adventure.


Considering that Geoff Johns is one of the executive producers for the show, I think it’s safe to say this was probably an inspiration for the show.

And for me, this will probably come up again when I answer the discussion questions, but while I like the version of him in Titans, if I’m hearing Conner’s voice in the comics, especially in this era, I’m hearing Nolan North’s take on him in the Young Justice animated series.

I think the show might give that friendship more to either Gar or possibly Jason (depending on who lives at the end of this season) but if Tim were to show up, the version of him by Johns is one of the few I’ve liked over the years, so I’d be up to it.

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I don’t know that he got into an awful lot of adventures in the first issues, really he was just hanging out talking to people, trying to figure himself out. And it was really enjoyable - the dialogue was perfect so the reader still got absorbed (I did, anyway) and the art was absolutely beautiful. My favorite rendering in the series was probably the T-Rex coming to snack and Connor and his doggie.

Oh, and every scene with Krypto was my favorite, too.

I was there from the get-go. Superboy was my favorite of the four replacements after Superman died. He was cool in a '90’s sort of way. Cadmus was fun, too.

Tough choice. I guess I liked his Hawaii adventures in the 90’s and his journey in Johns’ Teen Titans.

Outside media? I have a soft spot for the 80’s TV show, but I think his current adaptation in Titans is best.

The more modern version of Connor, with the black shirt and jeans. There’s something to be said for Superboy Classic, though.

  1. I really liked the first adventure where he rescued the girl on the bike. I loved how the girl was all over Krypto while Conner stood awkwardly off to the side.

  2. My first exposure to Conner was in Teen Titans, which was one of the books I began with once I decided to start reading American comics again after a decade long hiatus

  3. I really enjoyed Adventure Comics but more recently my favorite series to feature Superboy has been Super Sons. (Yeah I know it’s not Conner but still I loved that book.) As far as outside media Young Justice has been a particular favorite although Titans has definitely gotten my attention as well.

  4. It’s a tie between Conner and Jon to be honest. I just like them both so much

Also you are a very evil person @Vroom. I can’t stop reading this.

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Loved the first half of this story arc, but the second half demonstrates one of the problems with continuity-wide events. We interrupt a very personal story, Conner’s discovery of himself and his reestablishing his links to those closest to him, for a slightly ham-handed Superboy Prime loses his marbles, again. We’ve seen this, it stopped being original awhile ago. And, can I also say I never love the “lets put our friends and bosses in the comics” it just pulls me out of the story. Finally, we get progress on Conner as a backup story. And, while I generally have very few complaints about Johns’ writing his Lex is a little one-note for me. Plus, I think he’d cure Lena tell everyone, then keep the secret to himself. Overall very well done, but could have lived without the interruption of dead bodies talking too much.


Flimshaw, balderdash and poppycock! Why, I’m the very model of friendliness and goodwill towards my fellow human beings.

sees an old lady crossing the street and puts the pedal to the metal

Yeah, you better dart out of the intersection Ethel! Mwa-ha-ha!

I’m sorry, what were we talking about? :wink:


Conner, Krypto, Jon…ya know Superbeings. Oh and Lex who is a huge asshat.

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Who’s got the rest of the week off to read comics? This Guy! will be back tmrw with my responses.


Way to rub it in! I work retail and thus Black Friday. Pray for me. :sweat_smile:


Give me the address of this store and you won’t have to worry about work i promise.